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When you are tasked with building the best avionics computer platform for Gripen, you will face technical challenges every day. Saab system engineer Diana talks about how she works around these challenges and what is it like to work at Saab.

"I use my analytical and pedagogical skills to solve these challenges," Diana says.

Diana has worked in the telecom industry for the past 10 years, and is primarily assigned with the task of building the computer avionics platform for Gripen. According to Diana, this platform will offer real time properties that the Gripen control and steering system needs, and will also make it easy to develop advanced applications to fulfill aircraft missions. 

On being asked about the taskforce behind the big task, Diana says, "There are around 60 people involved in the APS (Avionics Platform Software) project. The functions of the people range from systems engineers to designers and testers, and the specialties and backgrounds are from computer engineers, to mathematicians, physicists and mechanical engineers."

Read the full interview here.

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