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The program of technology transfer in the area of aerostructures for the Gripen NG entered a new phase with the completion of the design of the rear fuselage of the aircraft and the start of production. Akaer is the first Brazilian company to participate in developing a fifth-generation supersonic fighter.

A group of five engineers from Akaer would be going to Sweden this month to monitor the production of parts developed in Brazil and start the planning for the next phase, involving the central fuselage design of the Gripen, says a post in the Brazilian blog Airpower.

Akaer is also responsible for the design of the wings of the fighter, which will be made of composite material. In 2009, Akaer was hired by Swedish Saab Gripen to develop parts of the Gripen NG.

"If the Gripen is selected by the Brazilian government, part of the production will be in Brazil. Akaer, however, has already been selected by Saab as one of the leading suppliers, enabling the company to meet all requests for purchase of the Gripen in the world,"says Kenzo Takatori, Marketing Advisor, Akaer.

Photo Courtesy: Department of Defense of Switzerland and Akaer


Johannes 2012-19-28 at 21:19 PM

I sense the term "Fifth-generation supersonic fighter" is a bit misplaced. Is it on purpose or is just a mistake from your side?
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