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A report in tracks the journey of an 88-year-old Swedish sewing company, Germa, that makes flight suits for Gripen pilots.

Based in Kristianstad, Germa, started with manufacturing corsets. When the fad was gone, they started manufacturing medical corsets instead. The company entered into a co-operation with the Swedish Air Force when the "Flying Barrel" J 21 first flew in 1951.            quotes Germa’s CEO Björn Holmqvist saying,”We received a contract to develop a G-suit with FMV, Air Force, and Saab. These suits support the pilots when they are exposed to high G-forces in flight. During flight, the blood is pushed down in the legs which can cause a lack of blood in the head. In the worst case, it may lead to unconsciousness. The G suits are tightened around the legs and torso with sewn air sacs and this helps the pilots to stay alert and fly the plane without any problems.”

According to Holmqvist, the reasons behind the success of the company includes high quality, unique features of the products, design, craftsmanship, product development and a huge market.

“Within two years, we aim to create a business worth Sek 28 million compared to the current 22 million,” he says.

Read the full story: Gripenpiloter flyger i svenska dräkter​​

Image Courtesy: Saab​

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