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Gripen > Posts > Top Stories So Far: Some Things You Ought To Know About Gripen NG

gripen ng18.jpgThreat scenarios are changing everyday, giving ample reason for the operational requirements to change as well. Users no longer want a specific aircraft for each operational role. They look for a system that can undertake all roles. 

Gripen NG is among the first aircraft to focus on more than air-to-air combat. This means  that it can cover a full range of mission requirements, saving customers the cost of  owning separate bombers and fighters. The fighter aircraft can seamlessly change between roles within a single sortie if needed. Gripen NG can perform a wide range of missions, from offensive and defensive counter strikes to air policing and tactical air reconnaissance.

Here are some of the important things you ought to know about Gripen.

Information Support

During a live mission, knowledge means everything to a fighter aircraft pilot. It is very important for the pilot to identify enemy assets and share intelligence with wingmen. What is equally important is that all the information should be available in a clear, clutter free way; only the required information should be visible on the screen.

Gripen NG is equipped with MFS-EW (Electronic Warfare system), which is a complete, highly integrated suite that includes radar warning receiver, missile approach warning, electronic support measures and countermeasures. 

The next generation fighter aircraft also has features like IRST which provides passive situation awareness at long range against air and ground targets and ES-05 Raven AESA radar which tracks air-to-air and air-to-surface targets, simultaneously and independently.


The aircraft is interoperable with army, navy and C2 organisations, and is also fully NATO-compatible. Gripen’s Data Link System (TIDLS), along with a Link 16 or National Data Link provide capabilities like Data link within the Tactical Air Unit and  Data link between Gripen, AEW&C and C2 centres, on ground or at sea.

Weapon System

Gripen NG has weapons for all types of mission, from guided bombs for precision engagement with low collateral damage, to long-range and agile air-to-air missiles and heavy anti-ship armaments. The single-seat Gripen NG is equipped with a 27 mm Mauser BK27 gun which can be used in air-to-surface attacks against land and sea targets and is suitable for air policing missions.

Two-seater Gripen NG

A two-seater version of Gripen NG is in development and will be used for both pilot training and combat missions. For the combat role, this version will be optimised to enable air battle management from the back seat, including jamming, information warfare and network attack capabilities. Weapon System Officer (WSO) and EW roles can also be facilitated from this position.

Read more about Gripen NG here​​.

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