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A USAF KC-135 stratotanker refuels the Swedish Gripen off the coast of Sweden earlier this month during the Baltic operations.

The Baltic Operations Exercise (BALTOPS 2014) was conducted out of Powidze Air Base Poland. The exercise aims to improve maritime security in the Baltic Sea through cooperation among regional allies. It provides the participating personnel an opportunity to engage in realistic air combat training to build experience, teamwork and strengthen NATO interoperability.

NATO and military forces from 12 countries including Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Sweden participated in the exercise.​

Gripen Frans dely.jpg
Swedish Air Force Gripen will participate in the Danish Air Show this weekend.

Visitors at the event can see Gripen on static display as well as in the air.

The Danish Air Show was initially called “Open House”. The first "Open House" in the Royal Danish Air Force was organized in 1959 and since 1961 it has been a recurring event, which has been held at various airbases all over Denmark. 

To give it a more international image, the name of the event was changed to “Air Show” in 2005.

The Air Show's primary purpose is to inform the public about the tasks the Royal Danish Air Force performs as well and to present the different equipment it uses.

Danish Air Show will be held at Karup Air Base on Sunday 22 June. ​

Gripen_NG_Katsuhiko Tokunaga1.jpg
Some parts of the Swedish Air Force Gripen E will be manufactured in South Africa, reports Engineering News.

The report quoted Saab South Africa president and CEO Magnus Lewis-Olsson saying, “I can’t say what parts yet. It is good news for South Africa. It will protect jobs for a long time to come.” 

Although Sweden had initially ordered 60 Gripen E fighter jets, the Ukraine crisis has prompted the government to increase its defence budget. The Swedish Defence Minister recently announced that she would like the current order to be increased to 70.

The reports adds that as compared to Gripen C/D, the new generation aircraft will have more weapons stations, new radar, improved communications systems, a new avionics architecture, new electronic warfare systems, new external sensors and a more powerful engine. It will also have a greater fuel capacity and a longer range.

“The Gripen E is more developed from the current Gripen C/D than we originally expected. There is extensive redevelopment of the airframe and systems” says Lewis-Olsson. 

South African firms already provide components and systems, including the communications suite and electronic warfare systems for Gripen fighter jets operated by the South African Air Force. Denel,  for example, is a South African company that has previously manufactured various Gripen C/D parts including power cartridges fitted below the pilot’s seat to help propel the seat into the sky in an emergency.

Read the full story: South Africa to make parts for new Swedish fighter

Saab will showcase a full scale replica of the next generation Gripen fighter jet at the Farnborough International Air Show 2014. 

This year, Saab's presence in Hall 4 will be all about breaking the thought barrier- demonstrating Saab’s unique way of thinking, one that pushes the boundaries of innovation and anticipates tomorrow.

In 2012, Saab generated a lot of buzz at the Farnborough airshow when it unveiled the SELEX Galileo Raven AESA Radar and the new Saab 340 MSA (Maritime Security Aircraft).

This year, along with Gripen and Saab 340 MSA, Saab will showcase the Gripen Support Solutions, Erieye AEW&C, Saab 2000 MPA, Remote Tower and Commercial Aerostructures.

Farnborough Aerodrome is known for its continuous association with the history of man's conquest of air. Early flying machines like man-carrying kites, airships, balloons and aircraft have taken off from the grasslands since the beginning of the century. The laboratories and test centres on Farnborough runways boast of being linked with pioneers in the field of aerospace technology.

The theme of this year’s public Farnborough airshow year is 100 years of aviation and visitors would get to see aircraft from every decade of the past century. The public weekend will also commemorate the 100th anniversary of the start of the first world war with a display by the Great War Display team.

The airshow will be held from 14 to 20 July 2014.

Read more about Saab's participation at the Farnborough International Air Show 2014​ here.

Gripen jet.jpg
Swedish Air Force has tasked advanced defence solutions company Oxley Developments Ltd. to supply Gripen fighters with new gunfire-proof landing and taxi lights, reports the Westmoreland Gazette​.

According to Oxley, the new lights will deliver longer performance in difficult conditions and have a longer life on the plane as compared to conventional halogen lights. The new lights have also been developed to lock easily to the body of the Gripen and they do not cause glare for ground crew in night vision goggles.

Oxley already supplies wing tip, tail light, position lights and the control box for the aircraft external lighting system on the Gripen brand.

“The new order reflects the company’s long-term strategic relationship with Saab Aero-space as a key customer and product technology partner,” an Oxley spokesperson said.

According to a UK aviation magazine Advance, Oxley’s new lights are powered directly from the aircraft’s 115V/400Hz supply, without the requirement for an external supply. Hence they consume significantly less power than the current technology – just 65W for the landing light and 37W for the taxi light.

Oxley has received a production order for the supply of 140 shipsets of lights with delivery starting in August and continuing through to October 2015.

Read the full story:  Swedish air force gives Bardsea firm Oxley a lift

Gripen at RIAT.JPG
The Swedish Air Force Gripen will be on static display and performing at the Royal International Air Tattoo airshow in July this year.

The first Air Tattoo was organized in 1971 with only 100 participating aircraft. The show became international in 1976 and gained prominence with each passing year. 

Now, with over 250 aircraft participating and almost 130,000 visitors attending the show, the Royal International Air Tattoo is considered not only the world's largest military airshow but also one of the UK's premier outdoor events for families.

As Formula 1 racing driver Jenson Button puts it, “All the thrills, excitement and noise of a Grand Prix- but in the air!”

The operational theme at the Air Tattoo this year is ‘Partnership’. The Air Tattoo provides an important focal point for global military engagement at both the strategic and tactical level.

You can watch Gripen’s performance at RIAT 2013 here.

The airshow will be held between 11 and 13 July at RAF Fairford in Gloucestershire, England.

National day 5.jpg
National Day2.jpg
National day 3.jpgNational day1.jpgNational day 4.jpg

Norrbotten Wing conducted Gripen flypasts at a number of locations in north and western Sweden to celebrate the National Day on Sunday.

National Day of Sweden is celebrated in honour of the election of King Gustav Vasa on 6 June 1523 as well as the adoption of a new constitution on the same date in 1809.

Image Courtesy: Norrbottens Flygflottilj F 21

South AfricA Gripen.jpg
The South African Air Force (SAAF) will organize Gripen User's Group at AFB Makhado this month, reports Defence Web.

Attendees at the week-long event include South Africa as host, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Sweden and Thailand.

Gripen User's Group brings together representatives of countries that fly the Gripen fighter, giving them a platform to discuss their experiences of operational use of Gripen including maintenance, logistics,  engineering and safety measures.

Czech Gripen pilot Maj. Petr Michenka, who attended a previous conference held in the Czech Republic, summed up the event, “Individual users accumulate different experiences in operating these aircraft, for example, due to different climatic conditions. We share different experiences and information during the conference and found that some of them are very similar. After the evaluation, we can be better prepared for the challenges ahead.”

In May 2013, Saab held the Gripen User's Group in Sweden in which it got an opportunity to listen to user feedback and share its vision for the Gripen fighter. Through the seminar, Saab also presented planned upgrades and informed the group on how the Gripen C/D and E systems can benefit from each other.

The Gripen User's Group is held twice a year.

Read the full story: South Africa hosts Gripen User Group​

Gripen pilots operate in some of the most dangerous parts of the world – and they have to be the best. For every flight they need to wear specialised clothing and carry equipment that protects them and helps them to complete their mission.

Saab is offering you the chance to find out what it takes to enter the cockpit by dressing your own pilot – you’ll even get the chance to see what you look like as a Gripen fighter pilot and share the image with your friends.

To start, click here.​

Radar Warning Receiver 

Gripen is built for high survivability in a combat environment. Gripen tactics are based on smart use of a variety of electronic warfare capabilities. The RWR (Radar Warning Receiver) is the source for an accurate sensor for detecting emitting threats such as radar. 

Missile approach warning system

Gripen E has a sophisticated Missile Approach Warning (MAW) system. The MAW system uses passive sensors and can detect and track incoming missiles of all types!  Not only radar-guided missiles but also passively guided IR missiles can be detected and the correct defensive actions taken.


Gripen is a survivor. There are many reasons for this, one of them being the fact that it can carry a vast number of chaff packets and flares – substantially more than many competitors. For the Gripen E, this ability is further enhanced with an even greater number of chaff, flares and pyrophoric chaff – so called hot chaff.

If ever attacked, a Gripen pilot can rely on the strong protection provided by all the defensive countermeasures released, tricking incoming missiles to change their course.

Survivability and countermeasure summing up:

  •  Effective system awareness with
  •  AESA Radar
  •  IRST
  •  EW system
  •  RWR – Radar Warning Reicever
  •  MAWS – Missile approach warning system
  •  Large amounts of countermeasure dispensers
  •  Chaff, hot chaff, flares in pre-programmed sequences

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