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Saab’s success has been due to its ability to remain competitive by designing combat aircraft which meet market requirements in terms of high performance, price and delivery, reports The Conversation.

According to the report, there are many factors responsible for Saab, a relatively small firm from Sweden, managing to find success in a highly competitive, multinational market with huge development costs.

Exports of Gripen are also dependent on a variety of factors other than the combination of high performance and low-cycle cost that makes Gripen unique. . Examples include generous technology transfer and financing packages, favorable offsets as well as offers of bilateral collaboration between governments, the report says.

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Roman Jakič, Minister of Defence of the Republic of Slovenia and Csaba Hende, Minister of Defence of Hungary at an agreement signing event on Monday

Hungary will jointly provide  the air policing of Slovenian air space with Italy from this year, which Italy has solely provided as an Alliance contribution since Slovenia’s accession in 2004.

The task is similar to the Hungarian air policing mission: securing the defence of the air space and the security of air travel, and visually identify aircraft in breach of international aviation and radio regulations in the air space.

Efficient defence of the sovereignty of the Hungarian air space will be provided on a continuous basis even when Hungary will provide air policing to Slovenia. Hungarian pilots will benefit from the increased operational experience through this task. This internationally recognized contribution will be beneficial to the entire Hungarian air defence.

The Hungarian Government’s plan is for the Gripen aircraft of the Hungarian Defence Forces to begin the air policing tasks in the spring of 2014.

Photos. Viktoria Hamori

Czech Gripen7.jpg
The Czech Air Force Gripen will, for the first time, provide air surveillance to Iceland, reports

Under the terms of this deployment, Gripen would be on alert to move to Iceland from September to late December. The supersonic fighter jets will fly in the Arctic under volatile weather conditions, mostly over the ocean.

Also, the Czech Gripen fighters will not reach Iceland with full tanks. They would either need to take a stop in Scotland or Norway for refueling or they might need to be refueled in the air.

"We can refuel in flight. I am part of the squadron which is trained to be able to refuel in flight," said deputy wing commander Jaroslav Mika who will be taking part in the Iceland mission. 

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Gripen Calendar January.JPG
Mirco Knecht´s winning photo makes its entry into Gripen Calendar 2014.

In an interview with Saab, Mirco says that he was always fascinated by aircraft and when he got his first camera he found a second passion i.e. photography.

Read Mirco's interview here.

Czech Republic's 211 Tactical Squadron recently participated in Virtual Tiger Meet 2013, a high intensity exercise at Pardubice based Tactical Simulation Centre (TSC), reports

At the Meet, activities were conducted from eight piloting cockpits of multipurpose JAS-39 Gripen aircraft; lots of computer-simulated identities were incorporated into the plot of the exercise. Scenarios were comprehensive and based on (airmen´s) own experience gained during combat deployment in real missions.

“This premiere Virtual Tiger Meet 2013 event represents an ideal mode for us to contribute to increased professional preparedness of NATO´s airmen. We are bringing a new know-how into NTA; if it is proved efficient, we would be continuing this activity on a periodical basis,” says deputy commander of the 211th Tactical Squadron in Čáslav Captain Pavel Pavlík.

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Image Courtesy:

​Five lucky kids flew the Gripen simulator at the traditional Children's Day event hosted by the Royal Thai Air Force at Wing 6, Don Muang airport last Saturday. 

Saab was well represented, both on the ground and in the air. A Saab 340 AEW and an RTAF Gripen C were on static display while two RTAF Gripen from Wing 7 performed aerobatics, simulated air attacks and intercept situations in the blue skies over Don Muang.


A big crowd, mostly kids and parents, showed up as usual. This time, Saab and its Thai partner AVIA Satcom co-arranged a Q&A competition for kids at the Saab AVIA booth. Five lucky children won a ride in the Gripen flight simulator located at AVIA´s office at Don Muang. It was a great experience for them. 

Image Courtesy: AVIA Satcom​

“The interest in Gripen in the international market has increased a lot recently,” says Magnus Örnberg, Saab's Chief Financial Officer.

According to a report in the Swiss daily Affarsvarlden, Magnus Örnberg, at a recent Copenhagen seminar, said that large orders in 2013 and 2014 have made the Saab management team confident about achieving its long-term growth target.

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“Brazil’s decision to choose Gripen was the most important step in recent years towards the consolidation of defense industrial policy,” says Luis Nassif in a GGN article.

As per Saab’s proposal, the flight test program will be conducted by Embraer and other Brazilian companies enabling the country to participate directly in the development and testing of the aircraft.

The possibility of technological partnerships was a huge factor behind the air force’s inclination towards the Gripen right from the beginning, the report says .​

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"It is an opportunity for Brazil to reduce its dependence on technology in the industry. The choice of Gripen is the basis for the development of a Brazilian supersonic military aircraft," says Professor Abdalla Alvaro Martins, School of Engineering of São Carlos-USP.

In an interview in Noticias, Professor Martins talks about the opportunities that come with the Gripen Brazil contract in terms of sharing technology and co-developing a fighter aircraft with Sweden.

 “More than technology transfer, it is important that Brazil could be a partner in the development of the aircraft. The Gripen NG is not quite ready. We can learn to design, modify and improve a combat aircraft.” Martins says.

Martins adds that depending on the agreement between Embraer and Saab, the partnership may result in benefits not only for military aviation, but also for civil aviation.

Another news report in Dinheiro​ also highlights that FAB’s agreement with Saab can put Brazil among the select group of countries that produce supersonic aircrafts.

The report adds that the Gripen contract is not restricted to just the import of aircraft but is much broader as it includes the development of Swedish - Brazilian military jets, which may even be sold to other countries.

The choice of Saab’s Gripen NG gives an impetus to the revival of the Brazilian defense industry, the report says.

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Gripen NG12.jpg
Brazil might become the primary production base for future Gripen E sales to South America and Africa, reports Defence News.

"Brazil has excellent relations with its neighbors in South America and with other developing countries. This is something we want to exploit. We see this as just the beginning of what promises to be a very fruitful industrial cooperation between Sweden and Brazil," says Lennart Sindahl, Head of Aeronautics Business Segment, Saab.

According to the report, the Ministry of Trade (MoT) in Sweden is already working on a proposal that would link large-sized industrial investments by some of Sweden’s biggest technology systems manufacturing companies to the sale contract.

"The industrial segment of the Gripen Offer to Brazil can be strengthened — and we will look at all ways to do this," says trade minister Ewa Björling.

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