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RTAF Gripen7 (01 Photo Stefan Kalm).jpg
Swedish company Saab has made giant inroads into the Thai market in terms of both aircraft and shipborne systems, reports Defence Update​.

Saab’s offering to the Royal Thai Air Force includes a total of 12 Gripens, two Saab 100B Argus Airborne Early Warning & Control (AEW&C) aircraft fitted with Erieye radar, and two Saab 340 aircraft. Thailand’s new fighters will also be equipped with RBS-15F anti-ship missiles as part of their armament.

Thailand has been one of the top 10 markets for Saab for a long time now. The defence company recently inaugurated its new office in Bangkok to increase its presence in the Asia Pacific region and to explore the opportunities in the region. 

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Image Courtesy: Stefen Kalm

​Saab Commander Contest winners, Mr. Natanun Mejunpet and Mr. Kanitin Polhet got the opportunity to fly the Gripen Fighter simulator last week at the Saab pavilion at Defense & Security 2013, the most important military event of the Asia Pacific region.

The Saab Commander Quiz Combat had an enthusiastic and widespread response with over 5000 visitors, 3000 contestants from 72 cities, towns and townships in Thailand.Kainin_l_Bjorn_Middle_Natanun_right.jpg
Mr. Kanitin Polhet and Mr. Natanun Mejunpet, winners of the Saab Commander Contest flew the Gripen Fighter simulator. Björn Danielsson, Operational Analyst, Fighter Pilot (ret.), Business Area Aeronautics, Saab is in the middle. 
Mr. Kanitin Polhet in the Gripen cockpit simulator

Mr. Natanun Mejunpetin the Gripen cockpit simulator
“The Saab Commander contest for the Thai people has received very enthusiastic participation from across Thailand and we have today a very strong community of people who have become aware of complex technologies and have a good appreciation of the history of Swedish military technologies. I congratulate all the winners for taking part and answering some tough questions,” says Dan Enstedt, President & CEO, Saab Asia Pacific.

The Defense & Security 2013 was held from 4 to 7 November.

_DSC1327 GripenC 08Oktober.jpg
Solothurn companies see a lot of potential for offsetting transactions in connection with the Swiss Gripen fighter deal, says a news report in grenchnertagblatt.

"The chances of Solothurn industry are undoubtedly very good," says Josef Hart, president of the Industrial Association of Solothurn and associated region.

According to the report, Joseph Hart believes that the business opportunities for the local industry would be big as the offset transactions are not limited to just aircraft components.

"The offset transactions often also refer to additional equipment, production equipment, automation technologies and even projects in the area of research and development," Hart explains.

Joseph Hart is looking forward to good job opportunities in the manufacturing of metal and plastic components as well as in the delivery of manufacturing and automation technologies and precision instruments, the report says.

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Frans Dely.jpg
Gripen becomes a reconnaissance aircraft with just one touch of the pilot, says an article in forsvarsmakten​

The Swedish Air Force has used reconnaissance aircrafts for many years to get information about what happens around the Swedish border. During old days, there were specially designated aircraft for such reconnaissance missions. Today it is the multi-role fighter Gripen that controls the Swedish border from the sky. 

By pressing a button, the pilot can set Gripen in a mode that turns the aircraft into an outstanding reconnaissance aircraft. If an aircraft is supposed to be used in a reconnaissance mission, it has to be equipped with extra sensors. An aircraft always carries a radar and a camera, but to be able to collect more information during a reconnaissance mission, it has to be equipped with a Modular Reconnaissance Pod System (MRPS) and Laser Designator Pod (LDP). 

With the, MRPS, a pilot can take high resolution photos and the LDP helps filming in both daylight and in darkness. Depending on the objective of the reconnaissance mission, more sensors can be used to get excellent pictures. Gripen has proven itself to be a very reliable platform for reconnaissance and will continue to be the eye in the sky for many years to come. 

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Image Courtesy: Frans Dely

Saabcommander challenge.jpg

On the occasion of “Defense & Security 2013”, Thailand, Saab launched a Quiz Combat for Thailand that tests contenders’ knowledge of the options available on the battlefield. The battlefield sits on 

The contest, which was launched in mid-October has received good response with over 4500 visitors to the site, 2600 contestants from 72 cities, towns and townships in Thailand participating in the contest. So far, the contest has produced over 50 winners. 

Three lucky winners would get to fly a Gripen simulator. The questions are designed to test Thai defence enthusiast’s knowledge of defence concepts and products.  Besides a flight in Gripen simulator, there is a host of other exciting prizes to be won which include Saab collectibles and limited edition mementoes.

“Through the unique Saab Commander contest, Thai people will learn more about the complex technologies that make their defence and security both uncompromising and effective, and better appreciate the history of Swedish military technologies”, says Dan Enstedt, President & CEO, Saab Asia Pacific.

Check out the contest at the Saab Commander website.​

Last week, five South African Air Force Gripen fighter jets and five Hawk trainer fighter jets flew over Polokwane in a joint flypast, leaving the crowd impressed, reports IOL News.

The flight was a part of a SAAF’s air capability demonstration event which was held at the Roodewal Weapons Range near Polokwane.

The demonstration also included dropping supplies for troops in hostile areas, rescue operation of a drowned helicopter team and reconnaissance trips.

The stars of the demonstration were the Hawks and Gripens, in a mock battle with an “enemy” Hawk pitted against two “home team” Gripens, says the report.

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Stefan kalm1.jpg
The Gripen E currently being developed by Saab is only about half Swedish, reports Svenska Dagbladet.

Companies based in countries like United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France and Switzerland manufacture many important components of the aircraft. One of the most important contributions outside Sweden comes from US’ General Electric that provides Gripen E's engine.

But the basic elements of the entire system development, design, a large portion of the sensors, avionics and composition of the aircraft is made in Sweden, reports

According to the report, about 1,500 people in total are working on the Gripen E, mostly in Linköping and also in other Swedish cities like Jönköping, Göteborg, Arboga and Trollhättan.

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Image: Stefan Kalm​

SvD's Thomas Augustsson got an insight into the life of a fighter aircraft when he recently got an opportunity to fly the Gripen.

Augustsson says that he was really impressed with Gripen’s response to the smallest movements or change.

“The aircraft reacts to the slightest movements and I am so surprised that such a strong and fast aircraft controls such small movements,” he says.

According to Augustsson, flying the plane is not the hardest thing do. The challenge is to manage the huge flow of information which the pilot must use when something happens.

As test pilot Robin Norlander flew the plane upside down, Augustsson was relieved that he followed the instructions and didn’t have a breakfast that day.

Talking about how Augustsson felt after flying the Gripen, he says that it is not easy to give a short answer to this question. “Besides the light dizziness I feel after getting off the plane, I am surprised by the enormous power and the sudden maneuvers that one can do with this aircraft,” he says.

"Would I like to do it again? Absolutely! I would love to skip a breakfast for this," Augustsson adds.

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aero design.png
Approximately 1,500 engineering students from different parts of Latin America were present at the 1st day of the SAE Aerodesign Brazil competition, that took place in Sao Jose dos Campos, and Gripen was present as  one of the main sponsors. The students had the opportunity to know more about Saab and especially about Gripen NG.

The SAE Aero Design project is a challenge for engineering students with the main objective of facilitating an exchange of technical knowledge between future Aeronautical Engineering professionals through practical applications amongst the competitor teams. The competition has three categories with the winner of each category going forward to participate in the International phase.​

235px-COA_of_Brazilian_Air_Force.svg.pngTo celebrate Aviator and Brazilian Air Force Day, on October 23rd,  Saab Gripen took part in the "Aviator’s Ball", an annual gala event hosted by the Brazilian Air Force in Brasilia.

In addition to attending the ball, Saab Gripen also placed greeting advertisements in all major Brazilian newspapers in  honour of  those “that fly and help make Brazil fly”.​

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