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Thailand Gripen.jpg
Three SAAB Gripen C aircraft ordered by Thailand safely arrived 4 September at their home base Wing 7 in Surat Thani, Thailand. The aircraft were received by happy RTAF pilots and officers. 

These were the last of twelve Gripen C/D aircraft Thailand agreed to purchase in a G2G integrated air defense agreement with Sweden signed early 2008. RTAF will inaugurate the operational ´Gripen Integrated Air Defense System´ on 11 September with a ceremony at Wing 7. 

The ferry flight took off from Linköping, Sweden, 30 August, on a route that took them to Greece, Jordan, Qatar, Oman and India before Thailand. They spent a total of 16.5 flight hours before touch down at Wing 7.

Gripen Air Display  Aero India.jpg
Gripen-smik trophy2.jpg
The Swedish Air Force, with the Gripen, won the prestigious main “Smik Trophy", the prize for the best flying display during the show at the Slovak International Air Fest (SIAF) 2013 last weekend.

SIAF, organised by Slovak aviation agency (SAA), is one of the most important air shows in Central and Eastern Europe with around 700 participants. Visitors at the event got a chance to ask their queries about Gripen, take pictures, sit in the Gripen simulator, and experience the sensation of controlling the state-of-the-art supersonic jet.​

The Air Fest was attended by around 100,000 visitors.

​At the recently held International Air Demonstrations Air Show 2013 in Radom, Poland, Czech Gripen’s aerial performance gained as much attention as its special new scheme applied on its tail, fin and canard.

The first AIR Radom with the participation of international aircraft was organized in 1991. Gripen attended this air show for the first time in 1998. Besides the aerial performances, the event boasts of defence industry equipment displays, photo exhibitions, meetings with historians and aviation writers and even politicians.

This year, the air show was held on 24 and 25 August.​

jean gallay.jpgComplex component manufacturer Jean Gallay SA and Gripen E producer Saab have joined forces, reports

"Working with industrial cooperation within the Gripen E programme, we have gathered a very good understanding of the competence of Swiss Industry, and Jean Gallay is one of the companies that is fully capable and world renowned in this  on the international market," says Lennart Sindahl, head of Saab Aeronautics.

According to the report, the partnership can result in significant production volume at Jean Gallay's facility in Plan-les-Ouates GE.

"Saab's proposal is a great opportunity for us to acquire know-how, new equipments and increase our labor force" says Laurence de la Serna, Jean Gallay SA CEO.

Jean Gallay SA is active in manufacturing and repair of complex components for civil and military aircraft engines and overhaul of complex components for industrial gas turbines.

Read the full story:  Jean Gallay and Gripen E producer Saab join forces​

Visitors got a chance to sit​ in the Gripen cockpit and ask questions about Gripen.

Visitors at the event kept the staff at the Gripen tent busy.

An excited crowd at the Dittinger Flight Day got an opportunity to sit in the cockpit of a full-scale Gripen model, receive special gifts in Saab tent, and ask a pilot questions about the aircraft.  They also got hold of an exclusive Gripen t-shirt by sharing their Gripen moment (a picture of themselves at the Gripen tent) on Facebook or Twitter! 

The event was held on 31 August and 1 September in ​Dittingen, Switzerland.

To have a look at more pictures from the event, click  here​.

Czech Gripen2.jpg
Prime Minister of the Czech Republic Jiří Rusnok paid a visit to the 21 Caslav Air Force base last week where he came to know that the Czech Air Force pilots are satisfied with the Gripen technology, reports afbcaslav.

"I am glad to know that the pilots are very happy with the technology used and according to the tactical and combat, as well as the operational and economic aspects, Gripen appears to be optimal for our defence forces", said the Czech Prime Minister.

As a part of this visit, Mr. Rusnok got himself acquainted with Gripen and its weapons. Lieutenant Martin Spacek, member of the 211 tactical squadron, was there to demonstrate the capabilities of the aircraft.

In addition to sharing their experience with the operation of Gripen, Mr. Rusnok met with the pilots serving at the NATINAMDS (NATO Integrated Air and Missile Defence System) to know more about the functioning of the entire air defense system in the Czech Republic and cooperation in this area within NATO.

Read the full story:  Předseda vlády navštívil 21. základnu taktického letectva Čáslav

The procurement of Gripen in Switzerland received a strong endorsement this week when the Defence Committee of the Swiss two-chamber parliament's National Council recommended the Gripen deal with a 14-9 vote. 

As noted inThe Wall Street Journal on Tuesday, the procurement is now expected to continue its journey through the Swiss Parliament, moving to the plenum of the Nationalrat for votation on 11 September.

“We are naturally very pleased by the decision of the security committee of the Nationalrat. This is a very positive endorsement of the Gripen programme. Whilst we continue to respect and follow the political process, we also continue to assemble the pre-production Gripen E. Also, our Swiss industrial participation programme aiming at creating business between the suppliers to Saab and Swiss companies is progressing. It has today seen 456 contracts signed between our suppliers and 117 Swiss companies valued at 315 MCHF,” said Lennart Sindahl, Senior Executive Vice President and Head of Saab’s Aeronautics business area.​

Gripen Over Budapest.jpg
Three Hungarian Air Force Gripens welcomed 100 Army officers as they took their oath at the Heroes Square in Budapest last Tuesday, reports Hungarian dailyIndex​.

At the event, Hungarian Defence Minister Csaba Hende praised the soldiers and acknowledged their steadfastness during disaster management and international missions.

According tohonvedelem, the ceremony which takes place in the order and form prescribed under regulations is however a majestic, impressive and a solemn event in the Hungarian officer training and it now boasts 141 years of history that has changed several times.

Gripen formation flight above the Hero Square was the high point of the ceremony.

Read the full story: Ludovikás kardrántással esküdtek a tisztek​

​"A Gripen simulator is not just for training," says Anders Lotsson of  Computer Sweden, emphasizing that unlike earlier, simulators are now playing a crucial role in the development of the Gripen.

Lotsson recently took a tour of Saab's Gripen factory in Linköping and he explains that a lot has changed in the way an aircraft is developed now.

“Earlier they built the airplane first and then the simulator. Nowadays, it is the other way around. An aircraft now begins its life as a simulator,” he says.

According to Lars M Karlsson, Head of Training and Systems at Saab, it is very important to test fly an aircraft on a computer screen before flying it in air.

"Simulate first, then fly," Karlsson, says. "The later one discovers an error, the more expensive it will be to fix it."

A simulator’s role is not limited to just training any more. Simulators continue to play a role even after the planes have been delivered. Data from aircraft in active service are used to recreate problems and defects in order to improve the product, Lotsson explains.

Read the full story:  Flygplanet byggs med hjälp av mjukvara​

​Gripen made two stunning displays in Roskilde last weekend where the bi-annual Roskilde Air Show was held. The Gripen C that carried out the flight display was piloted by Martin Hansson from the Swedish Air Force F-17 wing and the Danish crowd was presented with the magnificent flight capabilities of the Gripen multirole fighter. 

Saab’s stand was perfectly located in the centre of the ground display and the two-seater Gripen D on display just outside the Saab tent attracted a lot of interest from the visitors. Saab officials and personnel from the Swedish Air Force were present to inform about Gripen’s excellent qualities.


Although the weather could have been better, a lot of people had gathered to see the different types of helicopters and aircraft, both on static display and in the air​.

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