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Picture 1.jpgThe unique actual size model has dimensions 8,5x14 meters and was borrowed from Sweden, because the actual Gripen wouldn't fit into the narrow streets of Hradčany quarter.
Picture 3.jpgDefence against air attacks was represented by Saab´s portable anti-aircraft missile system RBS-70

Czech Army is celebrating 20 years since its inception and for this occasion, an unprecedented military technology presentation has been prepared right at the Hradčanské square in front of the Prague Castle. The biggest attraction of the exhibition was the actual size JAS-39 Gripen model. 

During the weekend, the Czech Army displayed weapons, ammunition and combat equipment, including a unique exposition of actual size model of JAS-39 Gripen. It was an exact copy of the original,1.5 tonne model, was made of wood and plastic and was four times lighter than the real fighter. The only thing that was missing was the detailed technology inside the aircraft. This model was manufactured for events such as the one at Hradčany, where the conditions don’t allow using the real fighter.

“We are commemorating 20 years since the establishment of the independent Czech army. It is an ideal opportunity to show how much the army has changed in all these years,” said Vlastimil Picek, Czech Defence minister. He added that it was a unique experience to see Gripen fighter or Pandur transporter right in the centre of Prague.

"Technical development is constantly moving forward and in case of military equipment and weapons that is doubly true. The visitors will clearly see how the military has undergone a big change in the last two decades," said Petr Pavel, Chief of General Staff.

Gripen E23.jpg
A Danish delegation led by Minister of Defence Nicolai Wammen met FXM recently to know more about the Gripen and its production process, reports Defence Aerospace

FXM is responsible for the Gripen agreements that Sweden has with Hungary, the Czech Republic and Thailand. 

Earlier this year, the Danish Ministry of Defence decided to reopen the type selection process for new fighter aircraft, which was suspended in mid 2010. According to the Danish Ministry of Defence, the reopened procurement involves four alternatives – F-18 Super Hornet from Boeing, F-35 Joint Strike Fighter from Lockheed Martin, Gripen Next Generation from Saab and the Eurofighter Typhoon.

Denmark has set up a procurement office to evaluate the aviation system that suits best to the country.

Read the full story:  Denmark’s Defence Minister in Sweden to Look at the JAS 39 Gripen

Saab will participate in Defense and Security 2013​, Asia's most important military event next month. Gripen would be one of the main air domain products on display at the event.

Defense and Security 2013 is an event that covers land, air and sea military equipment, defense technology and internal security. The event is based on four concepts: static display, technical and special seminars, live demonstrations and networking. 

Saab will be participating in full strength at Defense & Security 2013 at Hall 8, Stands H01-08 and G01-08 at IMPACT Convention and Exhibition Centre, Bangkok, Thailand. This is the tenth anniversary show of Defence & Security 2013.

For Saab, Asia Pacific is a key market with large growth and partnership potential. The company is looking forward to significantly enhance its presence in order to participate in opportunities across the region. Saab recently inaugurated its Asia pacific office in Bangkok. 

Defense and Security 2013 will be organized in Bangkok between November  4-7, 2013.

Gripen swiss air force.jpg
"I have flown about 40 different fighters and none of them obey me as precisely as Gripen," says Richard Ljungberg, chief test pilot at Saab talking about the advantages of the multi-role aircraft.

Ljungberg has flown all versions of Gripen, from A to D through to the latest two-seater Gripen F Demonstrator in his 16 years of test pilot career.

Ljungberg explains that flying a mission is different from just flying a plane. A mission needs training and more concentration.  “Gripen is so responsive and easy to fly, the pilot can concentrate fully on performing the mission,” he says.

“Gripen is like skiing with carving skis while flying any other aircraft is like skiing with the old traditional downhill skis.” 

Read the full story here.​

Image Courtesy: Swiss Air Force

Thailändsk Gripen lyfter framför palmer.JPG
“Despite being a complex project with cultural differences and long distances, we can confirm that the RTAF Gripen project was successful,” says Per Nilsson who has led the Gripen RTAF project at FMV, on behalf of the Defence and Security Export Agency (FXM).

In an FMV​ report, Nilsson talks about journey, the challenges and the learning from the successful completion of the project.

Nilsson says that even though FMV had had the experience of Gripen export projects to Hungary and the Czech Republic, Thailand was a new ball game altogether.

“We were not really prepared for the cultural differences. A clear example is the way we work with delegated personal responsibility. In Thailand, it is very much about collective responsibility and working in committees,” Nilsson elaborates.

"Over the next year, the project's entire focus is to deliver the support that the Thai Air Force has purchased from FMV via FXM," concludes Nilsson..

Read the full story:Gripen Thailand - från leveranser till underhållsavtal 

Gripen Frans dely.jpg
Sweden, along with Finland and Ukraine will join NATO Response Force (NRF) and participate in ‘Steadfast Jazz’, a military exercise, to be held next month, reports  forsvarsmakten

forsvarsmakten quoted Dennis Gyllensporre, Major General, Head of Plans & Policy Department at Swedish Armed Forces saying that participation in the NATO’s Response Forces Pool would give the participating staff an opportunity to be a part of a larger and more complex exercise as compared to national or bilateral exercises.

Steadfast Jazz is the largest exercise NATO has had in the last seven years. The objective of the exercise is to give the participating nations and members an opportunity to train and perform operations together, and enhance their interoperability. It will be conducted in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland.

Exercise Steadfast Jazz has been scheduled to be held between 2 and 9 November 2013.

Read the full story:  Försvarsmaktens bidrag till Natos insatsstyrka​

Image: Frans Dely

Thai Grip Katsuhiko Tokunaga1.jpg
With a plan to strengthen its Air Force capabilities by 2024, the Royal Thai Air Force (RTAF) is drawing up a new shopping list which includes procurement of more Gripen fighters, reports IHS Jane.

The RTAF has 12 Gripen aircraft in service right now. According to the report, the Air Force outlined a requirement in September for at least six additional Gripen aircraft within the next decade. 

The RTAF had ordered 12 Gripen C/Ds, two Saab 340 Erieye AEW Aircraft and one Saab 340B for training and transport duties. The first batch of six Gripen was handed over in early 2011 and the rest were delivered in 2013. 

The purchase of new fighters for the RTAF is a government-to-government agreement in which Saab is supplying the Gripen fighters to the Swedish FMV. The multi-role Gripen fighters are based at Wing 7 in Surat Thani, the only intercept jet fighter squadron in southern Thailand.

Read full story:  Thai military outline procurement shopping list

Image Courtesy: Katsuhiko Tokunaga​

Saab will participate at Seoul International Aerospace&Defense Exhibition 2013 (ADEX 2013​) where conversations around new aerospace technologies including the latest Gripen NG fighter system will take place.

Aviation enthusiasts and trade visitors from around the world would be in full attendance to see products, features, innovative designs and to strike deals and be a part of meetings and conferences at the event.

The exhibition will be held from 29 October to 3 November 2013. The Korean government is forming a national support policy to promote the exhibition as the re-presentative aerospace and defense exhibition of the Asia-Pacific region.

The exhibition is held once in every two years.​

Gripen presented a spectacular aerial display at the CIAF 2013 last month.

Czech International Air Fest (CIAF) is held every year at the Hradec Králové airport and top military and civilian fighter planes participate in it. This year, the fest was held on 7 and 8 September. The good weather attracted tens of thousands of visitors to the event.​ 

Magnus.jpgThe Swedish Ambassador to Brazil, Magnus Robach is confident that the bid from the Swedish government and Saab to sell the Gripen to Brazil will succeed, even if the decision is delayed, reports defesanet.

"Even if the decision is made now or later, we trust our proposal," says Magnus Robach, Ambassador of Sweden.

According to the report, Sweden has strengthened its teams in Brazil, both in the diplomatic area with a defence attaché based permanently in Brazil, and in the corporate area with a new Communications Director for Saab, Latin America named Isabela Gargaro. 

With a strong presence in the SISFRON Program, MEDAV air radar, naval systems and Erieye radar system, the Swedish industry is quietly preparing with an effective proposal, the report adds.


Image Courtesy: Pawel Flato

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