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Saab´s CEO Håkan Buskhe presenting Gripen in the 'Breaking The Thought Barrier' web cast at Paris Air Show


Visitors listening to the Hakan Buskhe's briefing at the Saab pavilion

Check out here:Saab At Paris Air Show


The interest for buying Gripen has increased since the governments of Sweden and Switzerland have decided to buy the new version of the plane.

”We have about 15 countries who are interested in Gripen”, Saab´s CEO Håkan Buskhe told Svenska Dagbladet ​at the air show in Paris.

Read the full story: Stort intresse för Gripen i Paris​​

Swiss Gripen.jpg
The Swiss industry will benefit from the Gripen purchase through direct and indirect offsets, says a news report in the Swiss magazine Tagblatt adding that some eastern Swiss companies have already initiated talks with Saab for business partnerships.

According to the report, Karin Jung, director of the Office of Economics in Appenzell believes that Gripen purchase would be beneficial for eastern Switzerland. "This is why we pushed for the Gripen Roadshow to come to Eastern Switzerland," she says on behalf of her colleagues in the cantons of St. Gallen, Thurgau and Appenzell Innerrhoden.

Saab has been active in Switzerland for decades and has operations in Bern, Thun and Meyrin. The report also mentions that Willi Weder, Chairman of the Supervisory Board at WZW Optic AG in Balgach, has had very good experience with Saab and its offset transactions. “For over 25 years, we have been working with Saab and we are generating an annual turnover of around one million francs from these offset transactions,” he says.

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Gripen lands Emmen 8 april Peter Liander 6566.jpg

“We are by no means limited to large companies,” says Henry Johansson, Vice President, Gripen, Switzerland explaining that Saab is looking forward to work with small enterprises in Switzerland as much as it would like to work with the big companies. 

Saab is touring several cities in Switzerland to answer questions about the Swiss Industrial Participation Programme (SIP) and how Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) from all Swiss regions can participate in this programme.

In an interview with Swiss magazineTagblatt​, Johansson says “We have found that smaller SMEs are often unsure whether they should or can be part of this industrial cooperation. With this event (Saab Tour) we want to encourage them to join hands.”

Talking about how the tour has gone so far, Johansson says that the attendees looked interested in the programme. Saab did manage to get across its desire for industrial cooperation with SMEs. 

Saab officials and subject matter experts will meet the local industry representatives of the Bern region to talk about the Gripen E programme today.

Read the full story:  «Geschäfte sind schon am Laufen»

Image Courtesy: Peter Liander

Saab is all set to present its world-leading air defence solutions and commercial aviation at the Paris Air Show on 17, 18 and 19 June.

Gripen will be on static display at the event. Visitors can visit Saab's stall on all three days to have a look at the Gripen Cockpit Simulator that demonstrates the Gripen fighter system. Besides the product displays, there would be some thought provoking sessions and briefings as well. Saab recently released its schedule for the event.

Saab’s President and CEO Håkan Buskhe would be holding a briefing on 18 June at 10 am. From Monday to Wednesday, a Saab 340 MSA briefing is planned at 11 am. Lennart Sindahl, Head of business area Aeronautics, Saab will present an aeronautics briefing on 19 June at 10 am. Besides these briefings, Hakan Buskhe and Lennart Sindahl will also be available for interviews before and during the event.

Visitors can find Saab in its pavilion and static display position D-146 and at chalet no. A-278.

Read more at Saab At Paris Air Show​.


Czech Air Force Gripens will perform air displays at the Memorial Air Show 2013 in Czech Republic. The Air show will take place at Roudnice airport on 22 and 23 June.

The Memorial Air Show was first held in 1991 to thank wartime Czech pilots. This year, the Air Show will be fun-filled and spectacular.  The full range of Czech military equipment will be displayed and pilots would put on air shows with both historical and contemporary aircraft. 

Though the event starts on 22 June, visitors can get a glimpse of various aircraft entering the Roudnice airport on 21 June.

The Memorial Air Show’s  website​  provides a good view of the planned activities.​

The daily routine and the work of a Gripen pilot now features in a video made by Hungary’s Népszabadság Online​ on the everyday activities and challenges of Captain Péter Tősér serving at the Kecskemét air base.

Just as it is for many other pilots, flying became Péter’s obsession and calling as a result of an unexpected turn of events. He joined his school friend on a trip to the Kecskemét military hospital where students had to attend their medical check up as part of the pilot school’s application procedure. None of the applicants qualified for the tests except him, even though he showed up without the intention to apply. He joined the course and ended up becoming a professional combat pilot.

The video takes us through a typical day in the life of a Gripen pilot. After viewing the daily schedule, the tasks are assigned. Pilots stay in the duty area and in the case of an alert they have to leave within a minute. Once inside the aircraft, they go through the authentification procedure and take off. Last year they had to respond to alpha alerts on six occasions.

In 2015 the Baltic air policing mission starts for the Hungarian air force. The report points out that while engagement are unlikely, it is not unusual to be challenged by intrusions by full armed aircraft violating the airspace. 

Pilots typically retire at the age of 40. Péter has seven years to go and he hopes to fly as ...

Frans Dely.jpg
“Joint exercises, training and procurements are becoming important these days,” says Peter Ringh, Head of Gripen, campaign, Denmark at the recently held Fighter Nordic Conference 2013.

The conference, which was held for the first time, took place on 29 and 30 May in Copenhagen and had a strong focus on Nordic cooperation, interoperability and the importance of joint training.

Presenters from the Swedish Air Force as well as from the Norwegian, and Finnish Air Forces together with colleagues from other European Air Forces shared their experiences on international operations exercises such as the Unified Protector in Libya and Red Flag. 

"As many countries today are facing cutbacks in defence spending, interoperability, joint execises, joint training, and even joint procurements between nations are becoming more and more important. This conference gave me a very good understanding about how far we have come in that respect. And of course, it is always great to hear that our customers are satisfied with our products”, says Peter Ringh.​

Image: Frans Dely

Gripen impressed a huge crowd with its air displays at the 'Časlav Open Day 2013' on 25 May 2013 at the Časlav airport. The event is held once every two years and this year it was devoted to the 95th anniversary of the Air Force.

Thousands of visitors were present at the air show which presented a good mix of modern military and vintage aircraft, static displays and aerial demonstrations. Flight demonstrations went on for almost 12 hours. An exhibition on the 95th anniversary of the Air Force was also held.

Truck Show.jpg
To promote the Kecskemét Air Show 2013 in Hungary, a lorry is travelling to 10 cities with four-dimensional digital demonstrations, telling the story of the Hungarian Air Force, Gripen fighters and the training process of Hungarian Gripen pilots.

According to Hungarian daily Szekesfehervar, the four-dimensional digital demonstration includes aircraft simulators, aviation-related memorabilia and pictures. The visitors can also take part in blue box photography where they can get their pictures clicked as Gripen pilots.

Hungarian military aviation completes 100 years in 2013 and in this year the Kecskemét Airshow is going to be huge with around 25 countries participating.

Another Hungarian daily, MNO quoted Hungarian Defence Minister Csaba Hende saying, “Our soldiers deserve to be seen and met by hundreds of thousands of people and it is important for us to show the general public just how committed, value-added work is done within the framework of the Hungarian army, and of course we also hope that an increasing number of young people feel they should join the Army. "

The Kecskemet International Air Show will take place on August 3 and 4. 


Image Courtesy:International Air Sow and Military Display 

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