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Hungarian Gripen in the air. Photo Victor Veres.jpg
Hungarian Gripen fighters are likely to defend Slovenia's airspace in the near future, says a news report in BAON.The agreement between Defence Minister Csaba Hende and Slovenian counterpart Ales Hojs Lendava was finalized in Slovenia. Csaba Hende said that the agreement for involvement of Hungarian Defence Forces in the defense of Slovenian airspace was preceded by several years of preparatory work. He said that the final agreement is expected to be signed in May.

“The definitive agreement signed between the two countries must be authorized by the governments." Csaba Hende said.

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Image: Victor Veres

​The sun shone and the crowd beamed as two Gripens flew by at noon on Saturday, to open the day’s racing at the Swedish Ski Games in Falun, central southern Sweden. 

Saab is sponsoring the Swedish Ski Games in Falun in 2013, 2014 and in 2015 when the town plays host to the Nordic World Ski Championships.

IMG_0809 JM.jpgIMG_0815 JM.jpg IMG_0852 JM.jpg

​A spectacular military exercise was held in Hajmáskér, Hungary, where the operations of the infantry and the armoured corps were completed with the support of Gripens in the air. The Gripen fleet managed to annihilate all land targets, but as one of the pilots puts it, the simulator programme would give a much more realistic report of the mission’s success. 

At the end of the exercise, the military displayed the vehicles that were used in the rescue operations last weekend, when a large number of the population got stuck on the roads due to the amount of snow and a major accident.

GP Red Flag.jpg
Sweden, the only NATO Partnership for Peace member to have sent an operational fighter squadron to Red Flag, is being hailed for the Gripen’s evolution, reportsFlightglobal.

The report quoted US Ambassador to Sweden Mark Brzezinski saying, "The Swedish air force was not invited to Red Flag as a casual courtesy. Instead, the Swedish air force and its pilots earned their seat at the Red Flag table."

"By performing ably in operations like Unified Protector over Libya, where the Swedish air force performed their reconnaissance role brilliantly, the Swedes have shown their capacity and ability to produce results," Mark adds.

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LIMA’13, Malaysia’s biggest air show, kickstarts today at the Mahsuri International Exhibition Centre, Langkawi, Malaysia. 

First held in 1991, Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition (LIMA) brings together the latest technology and products from the aerospace and defense industries.

The air show attracts more than a hundred thousand visitors, hundreds of exhibitors from the international aerospace industry and numerous government, military, scientific and trade delegations. 

Saab will be presenting its range of cutting-edge technologies at Stand A75. RTAF’s Gripens will perform displays at the event. 

The latest Gripen simulator will be at the show as well.

flygdag_6 (1).jpg
RTAF Gripen makes an air display at Don Muang airport on Saturday 23 March

The Royal Thai Air Force sends one RTAF Gripen to participate at the LIMA´13 air show at the Malaysian island Langkawi. The aircraft will perform aerobatics for the visitors. The air show begins today and will run until 30 March.

Photo: Dennis Thern​

Gripen Emmen 4158 72 dpi Liander.jpg
“Sales of the current models of Gripen and the next generation model may exceed 300 units in the next two decades.” says Eddy de La Motte, head of Gripen Exports.

According to a Bloomberg news report, Saab is hopeful about Gripen’s export prospects as F-35 buyers are considering other option now due to budget constraints.

Eddy De La Motte said in an interview that a lease of fighters to Malaysia, a new sale to Finland and a follow-on deal with Thailand are possible in future.

The report further says that Saab has secured Gripen’s future with an agreement from its home country, Sweden, and Switzerland to jointly develop the new version to be delivered from 2018.

“We can now offer a fixed price, fixed performance and fixed timetable,” Eddy said. “The outlook is better than anything I have seen.”

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Image: Peter Liander

A report inDenikgives an overview of the detection system (mobile security system) used by the Czech Air Force and describes how the Czech Army is totally satisfied with the SMD module deployed to the Czech Gripen aircraft.

Sensor system is needed to guard the space around an aircraft. Detector modules are spaced around the circumference of the machine at a maximum distance of 150 m (depending on the terrain). This creates a narrow curtain around the supersonic aircraft. If someone or something gets too close, the sensing cable immediately triggers an alarm.

The monitoring workstation is located at a distance of hundreds of meters from Gripen.  Once an alarm is triggered, it appears on the computer screens in the control room and then the military police immediately takes action against intruders.

The report says that the Czech Army is satisfied with the detection system. "We are using Mobile Detection System from Sieza companies for several years and we are happy. For a military cooperation, there has been no serious incident, "says Colonel Petr Lanka, Caslav base commander, who was also the commander of Task Organization for Baltic Air Policing 2013.

The SMD module has also proved itself in Iraq. The system is able to operate in the most difficult weather conditions and at the same time is well protected against damage during transport and handling. Built-in batteries allow operation of the system without a power source.

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The joint procurement by Sweden and Switzerland means risk reduction for the rest of the world, says Saab’s Vice President of Exports, Eddy  de la Motte. “This risk reduction will be reflected in new contracts in different parts of the world, and certainly Brazil is the key for Latin America," he added. With a "task force" composed of Brazilian and international industrial partners, SAAB has aggressively presented to major press groups, associations industry and government officials the benefits arising from joint manufacturing with Brazil of the Gripen aircraft, reports Vianney Jr., Aerospace Analyst, in the  Defesanet​.

Eddy was joined by Cesar Silva, CEO Akaer, Bob Manson, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at SELEX ES and Alberto Frauenberg, Director of Business Development of GE Latin America to talk about the current development of the Gripen NG and the participation of Brazilian industry in the process. The group made presentations on issues relating to economic and financial compensation (offsets), technology transfer and participation in exports.

Eddy emphasized the benefits of real transfer of technology and consequent generation of more specialized jobs, pointing out the considerable weightage given to Brazilian participation in developing the new generation of the fighter. Cesar Silva, CEO Akaer, pointed out that parts of the fighters to be sold to Sweden and Switzerland would be constructed in Brazil. 

Bob Manson, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, SELEX, said that the performance of the Raven ES-05 AESA during the testing phase was extremely satisfactory. 

GE ...

RTAF Gripens are participating in the Cope Tiger 2013 exercise at Wing 1 in Korat, Thailand. The exercise runs between 11 and 21 March. More than 1,900 U.S., Thai and Singapore airmen are participating in the exercise.

Cope Tiger is a multi lateral exercise that not only allows participating Air Forces to practice tactical flight operations but also strengthens ties between the participating nations. Here are some snapshots and a video from the ongoing event.


RTAF Gripen and two F-16 in the skies over Korat 

Cope Tiger 2013 Briefing 

 ​​The above video shows the mass launch of fighter aircraft from the participating air forces: RTAF, RSAF and USAF.​​

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