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​​Red Flag 2013, the high intensity air to air combat exercise at Nellis was a great opportunity for the Swedish pilots to participate in various realistic, complex missions. Though they did months of preparations before the exercise, they were in for new challenges, new threats and difficult, hidden targets. It was also the first time Sweden exercised with the U.S. F-22. These videos capture the Gripens in action at the Red Flag 2013​.

Gripen Technology.jpg
Gripen is the world’s most affordable next generation multirole fighter that provides small states with an edge in technology and bigger states with an edge both in technology and numbers, says a news report in Unity Media News Network.

According to the report, Gripen offers cutting edge technology at the best price. It has favorable flight characteristics, such as low drag properties, which enable faster and more efficient flight as well as either increased range or larger equipment payload.

The report also explains that the total-integration avionics makes sure that Gripen is easily upgradable. The software updates can change the aircraft’s performance and allow for the adoption of additional operational roles and equipment over time. Gripen’s software is continuously being improved and changed to add new capabilities.

Not only that, Gripen’s operaters have an access to its source code and technical documentation. This gives them the convenience to integrate additional munitions and equipment or to make other improvements to the aircraft, the report adds.

Read the full story:Saab JAS 39 Gripen : World’s most affordable next generation multirole fighter​

Image Courtesy:Saab​

SwedenJune2012 201.jpg
Defence Issues​, in a write up, captures the history of the Gripen program, basic data and operational characteristics along with weapons, sensors and datalinks.

The write up captures the genesis of the program dating back to the adoption of the delta-canard layout that Saab pioneered in the 1960s.

The write up focuses on the factors that went into the birth of the JAS program drawing its name from the specified requirements ((Jakt – fighter, Attack – attack, Spaning – reconnaissance).

The review of the history of Gripen points out the pioneering technologies that went into the making of the aircraft including the use of datalinks. 

Flygvapnet pioneered the use of datalinks in the combat aircraft, fielding first versions on SAAB 35 Draken in mid 1960s. Gripen is equipped with four high-bandwidth, two-way datalinks, with a range of around 500 kilometers. This allows the exchange of targeting information and other data even when one of the aircraft is on the ground. One Gripen can provide data for four other aircraft, as well as get access to ground C&C systems and SAAB-Ericsson 340B Erieye “mini-AWACs” aircraft. It can also allow fighters to quickly and accurately lock on to target by triangulation of data from several radars. Another possibility includes one fighter jamming the target while another one tracking it, or several fighters using different frequencies at the same time to penetrate jamming easier.

The author concludes that the Gripen NG will be significantly cheaper than other 4.9 generation aircraft, such as Eurofighter Typhoon or Dassault Rafale, ...

South Africa3.jpg
The South African Air Force’s 93rd Birthday was marked by the customary Air Force day parade, an address by Maj Gen Malinga, an appearance by 28 Sqd and an amazing display of maneuvering a high speed Gripen.

The celebration that started with Maj Gen Malinga accepting an award from “Lead-SA”, ended with a beautiful fly over by Gripen which can be seen at the end of a video  here.

According to a report in  Pilot’s Post​, Mark Gentles treated the spectators to a magnificent display of skill in a solo sequence in a PC7 Astra and Col “Blokkies” Joubert in a breathtaking display of high speed maneuvering in the J-39 Gripen.

Read the full story: South African Air Force Celebrates their 93rd Birthday

Saab Swiss website.jpg
Saab's Gripen Swiss website is now updated with all Swiss language versions and the latest developments. Saab is launching a major web update on the Gripen E programme and Switzerland. Visit Saab's Gripen Swiss website to get yourself updated on the past, the present and the future of the next generation Gripen​

Visit the website:Gripen and Switzerland​

DSC00330_web.JPGSaab participated in the recently held "Danish Defence & Aerospace Conference 2013". Defence's top business leaders and foreign companies were gathered at the conference to discuss the challenges that Danish defense and security industry would face in future.

The challenges include tight defense budgets.  There is also a demand (from both Danish and foreign side) for flexibility, high technological levels and standardization of defense solutions in the future.

"It is very important for Saab to participate in these kinds of events in order to understand the local conditions and how we can contribute in different Industrial Cooperation projects,"says Peter Ringh - Head of Campaign for Gripen Denmark.

"Being a supplier of the world's most advanced fighters is simply not enough. Not only state-of-the-art capabilities and an extremely competitive life-cycle cost are included in the Gripen package, we must also show our well-known ability to create and support programs for Industrial Cooperation," he adds.​​

GP Red Flag.jpg
In a recent Nellis Air Force Base  video​, Swedish Airforce experience from Red Flag 13-2, Nevada, USA is summarized by the Gripen Commanders. The complexity and realistic, operational verification was highly appreciated. Swedish Chief of Air Force hopes this will increase international cooperation in the future.​

Watch the video here: Swedish Air Force Participates In Red Flag 13-2​

​Group Captain Manat Chuanprayoon, Commander Wing 7, presided over a ceremony at the air base on 7 February 2013 when four RTAF Gripen pilots comprising batch III were given their diplomas and declared combat ready, following training in Sweden and Thailand. Besides diplomas, some mandatory fun as Thai tradition demands.

Thai Pilots1.jpgFour pilots from Batch III are combat ready.
batch3drenched3.jpgPilots getting drenched in water as a part of the celebrations.
batch3thanked.jpgPilots​ being given their diplomas.
Batch III pilots with their bosses. 

Gripen i CH LowRes 6365 Liander.jpg
Gripen is an extremely versatile multi-role fighter of the latest generation. It can be used effectively in all battle situations and it meets Switzerland's security requirements in full.

With over 160,000 flight hours under its belt, Gripen has proven its worth in Sweden, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Thailand and South Africa. The single engine fighter has significant advantages over its twin-engine competitors in terms of costs, future technical developments, environmental impact and suitability for a military force:

  • The procurement cost for Gripen is 40% lower than the competition.
  • Gripen's operating costs are a quarter of the competitor’s.
  • Due to high reliability and quick repair times, Gripen gives the air force more time in the air.
  • The Swedish government guarantees continued future developments.
  • Gripen has a significantly lower environmental impact than its competitors.
  • Saab is creating jobs and long-term business in Switzerland and guarantees industrial participation with Swiss industry to a value greater than 100% of the purchase price.
  • Sweden is offering Switzerland a comprehensive defence cooperation package and use of training facilities in Sweden.
  • Saab is a successful and broadly diversified defence technology group that operates worldwide.
Image: Peter Liander​

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