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Tan Sri Rodzali Daud.jpgThe Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) might lease Gripen aircraft for its Multi-Role Combat Aircraft (MRCA) programme, says a news report inThe Sun.

In an interview with The Sun, RMAF chief Tan Sri Rodzali Daud said that Gripen is a cost effective option because buying new fighters would need huge financial expenditure.

Rodzali Daud said that Gripen’s evaluation process for the MRCA programme was still on and its strengths and weaknesses were being documented. Talking about the number of Gripens to be leased if Saab’s offer is accepted, he said "preferably it will be 18 planes as specified in the MRCA".​

The Swedish Defence and Security Export Agency,FXMis in talks with the government of the Czech Republic over the extension of the country’s Gripen lease.

“We view the Czech-Swedish partnership regarding Gripen as very important and we are certain that reaching an agreement is the most beneficial solution for both countries,” the Swedish embassy said.

In an interview with Engineering News, President of Saab South Africa Magnus Lewis-Olsson said that there are opportunities for South Africa, and other countries, to participate in the development of the New Generation Gripen.

He said that South Africa has fantastic capabilities in the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research and in local companies. 

Magnus Lewis-Olsson also said that though Sweden would buy the New Generation Gripens, it would use its current Gripen C and D models as well which would be upgraded and could have some of the technologies and systems from the New Generations versions. South Africa too can have a similar mid-life upgrade of its Gripens which could include active electronically scanned array radar and new electronic countermeasures.

NATO Days.jpg

The weekend show of NATO Days in Ostrava & Czech Air Force Days on Saturday and Sunday of September 22 and 23, 2012, saw more than 208,000 visitors to the Leoš Janáček Ostrava Airport. The most attractive part of the programme belonged to 250 minutes of flying displays, with highlight of aerial refuelling of Czech Gripens by the C-135FR tanker of the French Air Force. 

One of the largest events of its kind in the Czech Republic and Central Europe, ‘NATO Days in Ostrava’ is a fun filled event for the entire family with static aircraft displays, flying displays, in-flight fuel refueling exercises, exhibitions, a wide range of air and land defence equipment used by NATO member countries etc.

Jas 39.jpg
Watch the video on Youtubeshowing a great Gripen air display at the Örebro Airshow held at Örebro airport in Sweden.

Lion Effort4.jpg
South African Air Force (SAAF) has been delivered its final four Gripen C single seaters.

IHS Jane’sreports that these four Gripens were held at Linköping to take part in the Lion Effort exercise. After that, they were first ferried to Norrköping and then loaded on to the vessel Archangelgracht to reach its landing point in Cape Town, South Africa.

Flightglobalreported Magnus Lewis-Olsson, president of Saab South Africa, saying, “The Gripens delivered to South Africa are 'probably the most modern' versions of the aircraft.”

The South African/Brazilian-developed A-Darter air-to-air missile has already been integrated in the South African Gripen along with the Thales digital joint reconnaissance pod. “The SAAF's aircraft have also received a helmet-mounted display, which is a first for the Gripen,” Lewis-Olsson added.


Three pilots from SAAF Base Makhado 2 Squadron: Gys van Der Walt, Squadron OC; Hano van EVK, training officer; Jacob Labuschagne, Ops Pilot; posing at SAAF Gripen at AAD 2012.

The Thai cabinet has approved a 3.29 Billion Baht budget for the Royal Thai Navy to modernise its frigate HTMS Naruesuan´s computer systems and enable it to link up with RTAF Gripens, writesBangkok Post.

The electronic communication systems on the twin frigates “Naresuan -Taksin’ will allow communication between the frigates and Thailand’s JAS-39 Gripens. Early this year, the navy had also installed a similar electronic communication system on Royal Narubes vessel to connect with the Gripen’s advanced early warning system, according

Check out also the videoOver The Horizon Legends of Air Power on You Tube on Royal Thai Air Force.

South Africa's Defence Minister, Mrs Nosiviwe Mapisa-Ngqakula does a live national TV interview at  Africa Aerospace & Defence 2012 (AAD2012)  this morning.


It takes a lot of spinning around to make a Gripen pilot. The spinning, though, first happens on the ground on a dynamic flight simulator (DFS) which is a combination of a flight simulator and a centrifuge. The main parts are a large motor, a 30 feet arm and a two degrees of freedom gondola where the pilot is placed. The pilot is in control and flies the DFS like an aircraft with his stick and throttle. He gets response both visually and through the generated G-load.

The DFS sits insidethe Flight Physiological Centre, located at Linköping which trains pilots for the real mission.The Flight Physiological Centre has been supporting the Swedish Armed Forces with aviation medical expertise for almost 50 years now. The Centre offers training packages, medical tests and treatments, research facilities and advanced techniques for measuring physiological responses in humans.

The dynamic flight simulator is cheaper and more efficient than flight tests in many cases. The Swedish Air Force primarily uses the DFS for pilot training, especially for JAS 39 Gripen pilots. The Gripen is much more demanding on the pilot than previous aircraft because of the rapid G-onset and the ability to maintain high G-loads.

Presentation and design of the cockpit are areas that can be tested in a more realistic environment in the DFS than in a conventional simulator. For example color displays and helmet mounted displays. Physiological studies regarding breathing at high G-loads and registration of blood pressure oxygen saturation ECG can be performed in the ...
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