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​On the 21 November, Karin Enström, Sweden's Defence Minister was in Brazil  for meetings with her counterpart, Celso Amorim.The visit aimed to strengthen the ties that already exist by building on the 2009 bilateral agreements between Sweden and Brazil relating to Defence & Securtiy, 

During her visit the Minister was joined by Marcus Wallenberg, Chairman of Saab AB and Håkan Buskhe, CEO Saab AB. Additional meetings were held with the Minster of Science, Technology & Innovation and with representatives of the Congress.

CISB (Swedish-Brazilian Research & Innovation Centre), an initiative borne by Håkan Buskhe was noted as a shining example of Swedish-Brazilian Research and Innovation co-operation. Since its inauguration18 months ago, CISB has built an impressive portfolio of projects, fourteen of which having already received the necessary funding via a combination of Brazilian-Swedish Government and Industry backing.   

“Altogether, the approved budget for the preliminary stages of these projects equates to $ 19.2 million BRL “says Bruno Rondani, CEO CISB

With a decision expected soon, high on the agenda was of course FX-2 and Gripen alongside other partnering opportunities with Brazilian industry across a wide range of programmes. 

Saab’s technology transfer plan for the Gripen NG in the Brazilian competition has been further strengthened by its partner GE Aviation signing  M0Us with Grauna Aerospace S.A., Increase Aviation Service Ltda., TAP Maintenance and Engineering, Avio do Brasil and AKAER.

These companies provide local expertise in different areas of aircraft maintenance, manufacturing and engineering. The MoUs willenable Brazilian suppliers to become a member of GE’s global supply chain and strengthens the in-country component of Saab’s Gripen NG proposal to the Brazilian Air Force.

The MoU will improve Saab’s technology transfer plan to Brazil and the in-country component of Saab’s Gripen NG proposal to the Brazilian Air Force. Besides technology transfer, the program includes training in maintenance, assembly, engine inspection and testing.

Read the Saab release: Saab and GE Aviation strengthen ties with Brazilian Aerospace Industry ​

Thai language military magazine Battlefield´s November issue is devoted in full, 60 + colour pages, to the Royal Thai Air Force´s new Gripen system.

After the initial interview with RTAF Commander ACM Prajin Jantong, who gives an overview about the project now and in the future, the reader is guided through important aspects of what RTAF implements in the current project, performance so far etc. as well as interviews with key personnel like the first RTAF Gripen squadron commander at Wing 7, Wing Commander Jakkrit Thammavichai.

Many photos as well, including several by world renowned military aviation photographer Katsuhiko Tokunaga, show RTAF Gripen in action.

Saab participated in a series of workshops in Brazil to present its portfolio of solutions for local businesses. "Our intention is to stay close to potential customers and establish strategic partnerships using our products as Tier 1 aerostructures, radar, remote-controlled vehicles (ROV)," explains the ​Bengt Janer, director of Saab in Brazil. He, along with Dan Jangblad, Saab’s senior VP and the director of global strategy, were participating in workshops in four state capitals of Brazil -- Porto Alegre, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte recently.

The workshop in Porto Alegre was the first of these four events scheduled to occur until 9 November. Bengt Janer presented a lecture at the event and talked to industry members and entrepreneurs. The highlights of the event included the presentation of Saab on Gripen which is competing in the Brazil’s F-X2 program.

According to a news report in  Cavok, Saab already has a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with AEL Systems A/S, based in Porto Alegre. The MoU identifies projects related to the areas of development, production and logistical support long-term avionics package of the Gripen NG which was offered by Saab to the Brazilian government in the project FX2.

"Brazil is seen as one of the most important markets for our company, with many interesting business opportunities. The country has everything to become a business hub of Latin America and Saab believes that its potential partnersGauchoscan take enough advantage of that, "says Åke Albertsson, general manager of Saab in Brazil at the workshop.

According to another report, Bengt Janer, at a ...

Hungarian Gripens will perform air policing over Slovenia and the Baltic states in the near future, under the terms of NATO agreement, says a news report on thewebsite of the Hungarian Government​.

Hungarian Minister Csaba Hende announced at an event held in Miskolc last week that while Hungarian Gripens are expected to participate in the Baltic Air Policing between 2015 and 2018, they will also perform air policing over Slovenia soon.

“Like Slovenia, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia do not have air forces. On their accession to NATO, it was decided that instead of the costly development of air forces and procurement of aircraft, Slovenia and the Baltic states would focus on other units of their armed forces and declare them to the North Atlantic Alliance. As the airspaces of these states must be defended and guarded too, this task will be carried out by the aircraft of the Hungarian Air Force,” Csaba Hende said.


Chief of Staff Swedish Air Force Major General Micael Bydén writes in theforsvarsmakten blog about his participation in the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI)’s “Chief of the Air Staff’s Air Power Conference” in London. The theme of the conference was “Strategic Partnerships for Air Power in the future”.

British Defence Minister Philip Hammond and Chairman of the NATO Military Committee Danish General Knud Bartels in their speeches noted that many European countries are facing reduced defense budgets where they would need to reduce volumes both in terms of personnel and material.

Bydénin his presentation on "A Partner Air Force Contribution to Future Conflicts" spoke of the Swedish air force; what it does (actions) and how it does (personnel and equipment).

“It is obvious that we are attracting attention among our international partners. Sweden and Swedish Armed Forces are mentioned in several contexts, including operations in Afghanistan and Libya. This is a positive picture painted by us. Generally speaking, we form a good example for many countries. Although we are a "little country" with limited resources, we supply capability both nationally and internationally. I note that it impresses others”, Bydén concludes in his blog post.

Read the full story:Conference


Sweden is participating inCRUZEX 2012, being held at Natal Air Base, Brazil, between 4 and 16 November. About 280 personnel from 12 countries and 1800 personnel from BANT have participated in the event that provides a virtual environment for practicing exercise commands and control capabilities.

With personnel from Brazil, Argentina, Canada, Chile, Ecuador, United States, France, United Kingdom, Peru, Sweden, Uruguay and Venezuela, this year's edition of CRUZEX has the largest number of participants ever in the exercise.

This year's CRUZEX, the largest combined air combat exercise in South America, does not have real flights for the first time in its history. 

CRUZEX, coordinated by the Brazilian Air Force (FAB), aims to train air forces in planning joint operations. FAB follows the model used by the North Atlantic Treat Organization (NATO) for international conflicts. Brazilian and foreign military will be able to practice inside the context of a modern unified command and control structure, as well as to exchange experience and knowledge.

Watch the videos of Cruzex 2012

​Sweden will participate in the Red Flag air exercise 2012 to be held between 19 January and 2 February 2013, says aSwedish Government Press Release. Red Flag is a multinational air exercise held alternatively at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada and Eielson Air Force Base in Alaska.

According to Swedish Defense Minister Karin Enstrom, the Red Flag air exercise is important to fully practice with the JAS 39 Gripen and to simultaneously interact with other countries. About 8-10 Gripens would participate in the exercise.

The Armed Forces have previously participated in Exercise Red Flag with fighter units in 2006 in Alaska and 2008 in Nevada.

The purpose of the exercise is to train and prepare pilots for sharp combat situations. The exercise is made up of different parts, performed with increasing difficulty.

Czech pilots.jpg
Czech air force pilots completed nine sorties against Russian aircraft that violated the airspace of the three Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, says deputy commander David Schreier in a report inCTK.

These three Baltic States do not have air forces of their own. Various NATO country pilots are appointed to protect their airspace. This year, the Czechoslovak air force took over the mission from the Polish air force in September.

"We have conducted nine sorties that resulted in us providing valuable information for the NATO anti-aircraft defence system, “Commander Martin Pelda said.

Czechs were appointed to protect the Baltic area for the first time in 2009. As compared to that time, they saw an increased number of violations of the airspace during this year's mission. During the whole period of the last mission, they only had eight sorties.

Read the full story: Pilots started nine times to protect the skies over the Baltics

hungary 2
Kecskemét neighborhood in Hungary saw an amazing sight as the 14 Hungarian Gripens gave a spectacular in flight display last week. 

A news program onRTL Klubshows an extensive report about the Hungarian Gripens in operation. According to Brigadier General Nándor Kilián, it was an unusual formation flight as all the 14 Hungarian Gripens took part in it.

The report explains the importance of the fleet of Hungarian Gripens and also mentions several successful Alpha Alerts of the past few weeks (4 successful alerts in 60 days). 

Various TV reporters and journalists got the opportunity to watch the historic moment from the board on an An-26 flying at the altitude of 4000 meters.

According to the leaders present at the event, both the pilots and the Gripens performed well during the maneuvers. 

Watch the extensive report:Patrolling the Sky

Watch another video of the display:Hungarian Air Force JAS-39 Gripen 14 ship formation flyby over LHKE

Photo Courtesy: TOPIDOC

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