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Major General Micael Bydén, Commander of the Swedish Air Force, recently handed out diplomas to four pilots in the Royal Thai Air Force. These pilots have completed an eleven week long conversion training for Gripen before their return to Wing 7 in Surat Thani for further training.

Photo and Text Courtesy: Swedish Air Force

SeaGripen_032_landb copy.jpgIHS Jane’s​ ​reports that Saab has completed feasibility and phase one design work on an aircraft carrier-capable version of its Gripen NG multirole fighter aircraft.

Tony Ogilvy, Saab’s Aeronautics UK General Manager and Head of the Sea Gripen Design Centre, told IHS Jane’s that after years of preliminary design and pre-feasibility work, plans for a carrier based version of the platform would be brought to fruition by a team of Swedish and UK engineers by the end of August.

“Our job was to take the design to a point where we could say ‘yes, Saab can build a marine variant’, and we have achieved that “ he said. 

The Gripen needed a number of changes to make it carrier compatible, according to Saab.These included strengthened landing gear, an arrestor hook, an attachment mechanism for the aircraft to the catapult launch shuttle, as well as making sure the aircraft is marinised to prevent salt water erosion.

According to Saab, the Sea Gripen will be configured to operate from both CATOBAR (catapult-assisted take-off but arrested recovery) and STOBAR (short take-off, but arrested recovery) ships. In a CATOBAR launch, Gripen will be capable of getting airborne at its maximum take off weight. In both CATOBAR and STOBAR recovery into the arrestor wires, Sea Gripen will have a very respectable fuel and unexpended weapons load capability.

Potential customers include India and Brazil. Saab responded to a request for information from India in 2009, and remain engaged with the Indian Navy staff in Delhi and ...


To meet the requirements of the next generationJAS 39E/F and C/D Plus,Saab has unveiled its concept of “Wide Spectrum Combat” (WISCOM) which offers total system solution. Writing in theAviation Week, Bill Sweetman says in his article,"Saab Takes Next Step in Fighter Development",that Sweden's determined entry onto the world fighter also sees Saab showcasing its networked air combat capabilities that rest on decades of experience.

AESA transmissions are restricted and random with aircraft in a flight transmitting at different times, thereby making it difficult to track them by emissions. According to Bill Sweetman ofAviation Week, Swedish engineers have noted that data-linked radars can share plots—not just tracks—and take simultaneous range-rate measurements, allowing two radars to determine a target's velocity almost instantly.

The original Tactical Information Data Link System (Tidls) fitted to the JAS 39A/B was designed to display the position, bearing and speed of all four aircraft in a formation, including basic status information such as fuel and weapons status. Tidls information, along with radar, EW and mapping data, appears on the central multi-function display. Detailed symbols distinguish between friendlies, hostiles and unidentified targets and show which member of the flight has targeted each hostile. Wiscom blends this capability with AESA, IRST and improved electronic support measures.

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Saab Takes Next Step in Fighter Development


Thailand launched a special commemorative stamp featuring the Gripen in a series of stamps launched as part of the celebrations of the 100th anniversary of Thai aviation. 

The history of Thai aviation dated back to the times of King Rama VI. Back then, the Far East Aviation Company held an airshow by a Belgian pilot during January 31 to February 6, 1910. Impressed by the airshow, the Thai Defense Ministry sent three officers - Major Luang Sakdi Sanlayawut (Sunee Suwanprateep), Captain Luang Arwut Sikikorn (Long Sinsuk) and First Lieutenant Tip Ketuthat - to train in France. Major Luang Sakdi Sanlayawut became the first Thai person to handle an aircraft on July 2, 1912. Thus, the day has been marked as an important date on the Thai aviation calendar. 

HRH Prince Chakrabongse Bhuvanadh, who was the Chief of Staff of the Royal Siamese Army during that period, viewed aircrafts as a necessary instrument in the defense of the country. Giving his full support to aviation, HRH Prince Chakrabongse Bhuvanadh later became known as the "Father of the Royal Thai Air Force". 

Read more at:Special Report: Air Force to celebrate 100th anniversary of Thai aviation

Also, see the Gripen in a flight display during the celebrations in this video: JAS39 Gripen Thai Air Force 100th Anniversary Air Show​​

The Gripen makes for some amazing art. 

Two renditions of the Gripen NG and the Viggen by Distant Starr make for a captivating picture: ​ 

Also take a look at some of these Gripen art works from around the world:

​​The Czech Government is starting off negotiations for extending the lease of the Gripen JAS 39 aircraft.The Czech air force flies 14 Gripens since 2005 after the agreement was signed in 2004. The Czech Air Force obtained the aircraft to replace the Soviet-made MiG-21s and became a role model for fleet transitions from the older MiG-21 aircraft. Over the course of one day, in 2005, the Czechs stood down their veteran MiG-21 interceptor force and brought their brand new Gripen multi-role fighters directly into service. Backed by a fully trained pilot and engineer corps, the Czech Gripens were immediately declared to the NATO air defence system and stood ready on 24-hour quick reaction alert (QRA). 

The Czechs began full-scale flight operations with their Gripens about two weeks after the first aircraft were delivered. A cycle of QRA training sorties was initiated that saw the Gripens chalk up around 300 sorties for QRA preparation and qualification alone, over four months. In the middle of that process the aircraft went ‘live’ and never once was a planned sortie abandoned because of an aircraft problem. Validation came on 1 July 2005 when, effectively one year after contract signature, armed Gripens stood on alert at Casláv Air Base in the Czech Republic. 

Read article on commencement at: Czechs, Swedes to negotiate Gripen lease​

​Switzerland Air force Lieutenant General Markus Gygax recently addressed a group of 800 army officers at an event organized at Dübendorf military airport where he appreciated the Federal Council's decision to select Gripen to replace Switzerland’s ageing F5 fighter fleet. 

Markus Gygax also spoke toAviation News​last month and talked about his service’s plans for the Gripen. “We are in the process of finalizing the configuration. We want the same thing as the Sweden. We do not want an aircraft that is Swiss-unique–it must be exactly the same. And we will use it for all three missions: fighter, recce and air-to-ground. We need [the Gripen] to support the F-18 in the air-to-air role, and to gain the other two missions, which we have lost,” he said.

“We lost our air-to-ground capability with the Hawker Hunter. Today it is easy to rebuild, thanks to the capabilities of the aircraft and simulators. We can send pilots to the Swedish air force so the knowledge will come back very fast,” he added.

Read more at: Gripen, The Swiss Air Force View​

Youtube pic.jpg

​The Gripen put up an awesome flight demonstration at the 2012 Farnborough International Airshow. The display flights were flown by Saab test pilot Fredrik Müchler.

Here are videos posted on You Tube that capture, yet again, the breathtaking display at the Farnborough 2012.

Don’t miss checking out this photo of the Gripen at Farnborough in the NYC Aviation Gallery:​

​The Brazilian Air Force has asked for renewal of offers for its 36 fighter jets. The offers were asked to be renewed till end of the year. In a statement, the Brazilian Air Force said it was a “normal procedure” to extend the offers for the government to study them so long as the winner has not yet been selected.

Earlier, Gripen International said that it believes that Brazil is nearly ready to make a decision in its fighter competition, in which the company’s single-engine fighter is in competition against the Boeing F/A-18E/F and Dassault Rafale. “We get the feeling it is the endgame,” Eddy de La Motte, vice president for marketing for Gripen International, had said. Saab can deliver the first Gripen E/F (also called the NG) fighter four years after contract award.

The Commander of the Brazilian Air Force, Tenente-Brigadeiro Saito and his delegation had visited the Gripen NG test aircraft at the static display at Farnborough and were briefed on the development of the aircraft. Air Force Chief Junito Saito inspected the Gripen NG and was impressed by the AESA radar.

fins Liander.jpg

Saab wrapped up on Friday a successful show at Farnborough 2012 where it unveiled the SELEX Galileo Raven AESA Radar and the new Saab 340 MSA (Maritime Security Aircraft)

Gripen air displays, flown by Saab test pilot Fredrik Muchler, was a daily highlight at the show apart from the Gripen NG which stamped its authority as the best in class multi-role fighter under development.

Read more here onNews from Farnborough Air Show.
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