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gripen-demo-supercruise1.jpgDuring a test flight in January, the Gripen Demo aircraft proved its ability to “Supercruise”, the ability to fly supersonic without the use of afterburner which results in fuel savings and an increase in range.

During Autumn 2008, the Gripen Demo performed 40 sorties as part of the development programme that focuses on opening up the flight envelope regarding speed, altitude, angle-of-attack and loads. The  supercruise flight was part of the ongoing high speed supersonic testing that includes supersonic flights, with different load alternatives.

Saab test pilot Magnus Ljungdahl flew the Gripen Demonstrator aircraft in supercruise.
“The flight was conducted over the Baltic Sea, my altitude was 28, 000 feet and the speed achieved was above Mach 1.2. Without using afterburner I maintained the same speed until I ran out of test area and had to head back to the Saab Test Flight Centre in Linköping.”

The Gripen Demo aircraft is a flying test platform for the next generation of Gripen and for the further development of the present Gripen C/D aircraft. Together with a ground-based test rig, the Gripen Demonstrator will develop and prove the essential systems and capabilities for the future, including its more powerful General Electric F414G engine, an Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radar, advanced communications and electronic warfare systems.

​The Gripen Blog is for all those who want to keep a track of the world’s most exciting and happening aircraft right now: the Gripen and its next generation avataar, the NG, which is changing the way the world perceives fighters.  Track the news on Gripen around the world.  

The Gripen blog is a labour of love from the various participants in the Gripen endeavors around the world: Programme and Campaign managers, Air Force pilots, Engineers and technicians and of course the development teams working on the Gripen NG. 

The Gripen blog brings together not only the experiences of people involved with the Gripen programmes and campaigns but also commentaries in media, discussions in social media and opinions of independent experts. 

In turn, the blog seeks your informed comments, views and analyses of the aircraft and technologies. This blog is meant for the fans of Gripen to find a common watering hole.

The editors and writers for the blog and roving Gripen team members from around the world and they will write in under their names in the blog. 

So get to know the magnificent aircraft and the dedicated men and women who work with this fascinating aircraft.

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