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Home from home

On the way back from Aero India, Gripen landed at the island of Crete. It was a sought-after stop for the pilots and the snow almost made them feel at home.

Photo: Henrik Paju


From Gripen C's series of test flights to Gripen E's first flight at a supersonic speed, here are the highlights of the year 2017.​

"Saab's plan is to build a new plant here in India and recruit new personnel and set up a full facility. Probably, the first planes will be built in Sweden and quickly the production could be done more or less in India," says Swedish Defence Secretary Jan Salestrand.

According to a report in the Times Now, Salestrand added that Sweden sees India as a strategic partner and the number of fighters to be supplied will be totally up to India.

According to the report, the Indian Air Force is likely to roll out a Request for Information (RFI) early next year.  

If selected, Saab is planning to build a modern aerospace facility and ecosystem in India. The company is committed to full technology transfer to India in connection with Indian procurement of Gripen E.

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Saab has received a contract from the Swedish Defence Material Administration (FMV) regarding new Gripen E equipment. This is a supplemental contract to the previously entered Gripen E contract and is valued at approximately SEK 400 million.

The original contract, which was signed with FMV during 2013, regarding the development and modification of Gripen E, is based on the terms that certain equipment from the existing aircraft fleet/stock within the Swedish Armed Forces should be reused. This new contract means that the equipment that was to be reused will now be acquired new.

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gripen user
All Gripen operating countries participated at the annual Gripen conference in Prague recently which focused on knowledge sharing on how to effectively use all the features of the fighter.

The topics discussed usually include operational issues and maintenance, and logistics and safety issues in the use of the Gripen. Gripen User's Conference is also an event wherein Saab can listen to feedback by Gripen users and share information of new upgrade options.

The meeting was divided into three working groups. The first group was all about the acquisition, development and operational use of the Gripen system. The second group focused on things like flight security and daily operation and the third group comprised of Gripen maintenance specialists.

The Czech Air Force participated in the Gripen's User's Group for the first time in the year 2007. "It can be said that during the first few years of our Gripen operations, we drew mainly from the knowledge of our colleagues. And we are now in a position where we can pass on a number of experiences to new members," said the Czech Air Force Commander, Major General  Jaromír Šebesta.

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Last week, SwAF Gripen fighters flew in a Christmas tree formation over parts of Sweden. Watch the video to see the perfect coordination between the fighters. 

The Christmas tree formation is an old tradition that is followed every year during December. The group of Gripens flew over Stockholm and Uppsala before returning to Såtenäs for landing. ​ 

Photos: Louise Levin/Försvarsmakten​

​Gripen took the Hungarian Air Force into the 21st century. Learn more about how Gripen has changed their capability.​


Gripen Pilots at the Kecskemét Air Base in Hungary, took part in #Movember initiative, in which they raised money for cancer patients.

Movember is a popular worldwide initiative, with men growing beard and/or moustache and raising prostate cancer awareness.

The money raised will be used to train medical staff and buy medical supplies.

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Photos: MH59

In an interview with the DefesaNet, Mikael Franzén, Director and head of Business Unit Gripen Brazil, Saab, throws light on the Gripen E/F (called NG in Brazil) project so far and plans for the future.

 “The most important thing that took place this year was the first flight of the 39-8 aircraft, and it was very successful,” he says.

Other than that, the next big achievement was the development of the Wide Area Display (WAD) for Gripen. WAD will have the basic display software by AEL and tactical software by Saab.

About the next main goals, he says that Saab is currently building a test aircraft which is aimed to fly in 2019. "In the meantime, we will perform tests on various subsystems for the fighter jets – it’s going to be a very intense test period. We are also going to work on furthering the development of the tactical system for the aircraft, as well as the two-seat version, which is still in its early stages," he says. 

Post the first test flight, Saab has been in a phase of experimenting with speed and altitudes, various external loads etc.

Development work for the new cockpit is also set to start soon.

Read the full interview here.

SA Gripen 5.jpg
Saab has received a support contract for the South African Gripen weapon system. The order has a total value of SEK 206 million (ZAR 314 million) over the period November 2017 to February 2020. The South African Air Force has been operating the Gripen fighter system since 2008 when the first Gripen was delivered.

The support contract, signed between Saab and Armscor, enables Saab to deliver efficient support in a sustainable manner with a long-term horizon. Through the contract, Saab will deliver support related services like airworthiness management, engineering support, maintenance, repair, and overhaul, spares replenishment and updates of technical publications.

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