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​B17, Lansen, Draken, Viggen and Gripen are part of the roll-call of Saab’s historic aircraft. All have seen service with the Swedish Air Force. Here are some memories to share with you.

​Hungarian Air Force Gripen fighters and British Hawks participated in a joint exercise at Kecskemét’s Szentgyörgyi Dezső Air Base on 25 August 2016.

Mr. Iain Lindsay, British Ambassador to Hungary and Mr. Tamás Vargha, Hungarian Secretary of State for Defence, were the guests at the joint exercise. The exercise aimed to further strengthen defence cooperation between the UK and Hungary.

hawk and gripen 1_0509.jpg
hawk and gripen 2_0509.jpg
hawk and gripen 3_0509.jpg
hawk and gripen 4_0509.jpg
hawk and gripen 5_0509.jpg
Image Courtesy: British Embassy, Budapest

czech gripen 6.jpg
Gripen's high operational availability, rapid turnaround and minimal support requirements delivers more time in the air.

 Photo: Jörgen Nilsson (​

​On 27 and 28 August, Slovak International Air Fest (SIAF) was held at the Sliac Air Base. Around 120,000 visitors attended the air show.

More than a 100 aircraft from 13 European countries and NATO were scheduled for aerial displays. Czech Air Force performed an impressive Gripen flying display.

Besides the aerial display, Saab had a Gripen simulator and a full scale Gripen C replica for its visitors. For gaming enthusiasts, a multi-player version of the Gripen Fighter Challenge game was also there.  

IMG_4218.jpgGripen from the Czech Air Force performing an impressive flying display

Lining up before the flying display
The ever popular Gripen full scale replica

The Gripen simulator always attracts interested visitors
Happy winners of the Gripen Fighter Challenge game, and who knows, maybe future Gripen pilots 

​More than 130,000 visitors attended the event that celebrated 90 years of the Swedish Air Force. Besides Gripen, more than 100 aircraft including Viggen, Draken and Tunnan also participated.​

Saab Experience offered virtual & augmented reality and a Gripen simulator among other things. Here are a few snapshots from the event.29285832335_ceda24179a_z.jpg

Gripen fighters in an aerial formation


 Gripen test pilot Hans Einerth and a young visitor posing with a full scale Gripen E replica

Inside Saab Experience

Ever dreamed about flyging a fighter jet? Well now you can come close, with this 360 video, filmed together with the Swedish Air Force. 

For the full 360 experience, make sure you have the latest YouTube app installed on your phone or tablet.

swedishgripen20_n (1).jpg
The Air Force of Sweden celebrates 90 years this weekend and as part of the celebrations, there will be an airshow at Malmen Air Base, Linköping. The event, called Flygdagarna, will focus on the capabilities of the Swedish Air Force.

Saab will present its Saab Experience concept, an immersive space that showcases its unique and sometimes revolutionary products. At Saab Experience, visitors can see products like Gripen and Deployable Aircraft Maintenance Facility.

There will be a full scale Gripen E replica at the event as well. For those who love games, there will be a multi-player version of the Gripen Fighter Challenge game.

An impressive program of flying displays of both Gripen and legendary Saab and international fighters is also lined up. The Swedish Air Force Historic Flight team that flies and maintains old SwAF aircraft has confirmed that aircraft like Viggen, Draken, Tunnan, Sk-16 and Sk-60 will participate.

Know more about Saab’s participation in the event here.

This year, Gripen fans will have multiple reasons to visit the Slovak International Air Fest (SIAF). 

First of all, there will be a full scale replica of Gripen C at the Saab stand. Then, there will be a Gripen simulator where visitors can test their flying skills. Visitors can also experience a multi-player version of the Gripen Fighter Challenge game. And on top of that, a Czech Air Force Gripen will perform an aerial display.

Every year, SIAF kickstarts with a low pass formation flight. This year, a joint flyover of Slovak Air Force’s MiG-29s and Czech Air Force’s Gripen fighters has been scheduled. 

One of the top airshows in the Central Europe, SIAF 2016 will be held at the Sliac Air Base on 27 and 28 August.

Know more about the event here.

​Last month, a full scale replica of Gripen E was on display at a mall in North Lake, Brasilia. The video captures the process of putting it all together.

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