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The Smart Fighter

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​What do we need to build a perfect fighter? And would that fighter stay perfect for tomorrow as well?

At the Farnborough International Airshow 2016, Saab test pilot Marcus Wandt tells how Gripen is the perfect fighter, today and tomorrow.​

Capt Peter Fällén from the Swedish Air Force performed his award winning flying display at the Farnborough International Airshow. The weeklong Airshow is being held in the UK.​

Gripen C_140616.jpg
With a new weapons system, enhanced protection for the pilot and longer service intervals, MS20 gives a real boost to the entire Gripen platform.

The Gripen design allows Saab to constantly upgrade the system and tailor solutions. Let’s take a closer look at the latest operational upgrade and combat enhancement for the Gripen fighter.

The new MS20 capability enhancement for Gripen C/D involves a whole series of improvements and new functionality, both in terms of the aircraft itself and the ancillary support and training systems.

“MS20 is part of the continuous upgrades to the Gripen Materiel System (MS) that we undertake to meet changes in the challenges faced by our customers. The Swedish Armed Forces have generally had their Gripen aircraft upgraded every three or four years, with minor updates in between,” explains Hans Pettersson who is a contract manager at Saab.

The upgrade is now being offered to international customers which are flying a C or D version of Gripen, and the Czech Republic has already signed up for it. In addition to a basic package, each customer can customise their order with optional upgrades depending on their specific national requirements.

“MS20 is designed as a basic package with a number of optional add-ons to allow it to be customised. Our long-term design work, which is based on an evolutionary approach, means that we do not develop separate tracks, but carry out gradual functional enhancements that we can then base our customisations on. It’s cost-effective for our customers,” says ...


​Between 11 and 17 July, Saab will present Gripen at the Farnborough International Airshow.

This year, Saab breaks new ground in meeting with its customers, industry colleagues and friends from around the world with the launch of the Saab Experience. Besides Gripen, visitors can get to know Saab's products like airborne surveillance, ISR, air defence and radar, digital air traffic management, air support and commercial aerospace technology inside the Saab experience.

During the airshow, Saab Test Pilot Marcus Wandt will talk about how to build the perfect fighter. Saab Gripen Programme Update has been scheduled on 12 July, Tuesday at 10:00 am. ​

Know more about Saab's participation at Farnborough​ International Airshow 2016 here.

​You have never experienced Gripen like this before. If you are ready to fly, download our new game - Gripen Fighter Challenge. 

The missions you can select include "Take To The Skies", "Arctic Recon", "Dam Circuit" and "Show of Force". These missions will test your aero savviness, in terms of reflexes, concentration, and execution of flight patterns.

You can download the game on Google Play and App Store.​

Link to downloading the game is here and here​.

Join Saab test pilot Jakob Högberg for a walkaround of Gripen E. Högberg will be in the UK next week at the Farnborough International Airshow. Watch him explain the Gripen E features in a video here​.

Get to know the impressions of our Brazilian pioneers about how Saab’s history and experience are essential to the process of technology transfer and its importance for the Brazilian aeronautics industry.

​From the new powerful F414G engine to a completely new sensor suite, Gripen E has an array of new features. The additional internal fuel tanks mean the fighter will have an increased range and ability to remain in air for longer. The IRST system ensures early target detection, giving Gripen E situational awareness without emitting its own radar energy.

Ready for action, today and tomorrow: Gripen is the world’s most flexible and adaptable fighter and it will continuously be upgraded and enhanced for decades to come.

Photo: Istvan "TopiDoc" Toperczer

Download the calendar here​.

​A Czech Air Force Gripen performed a solo display for visitors at the Belgian Air Force Days 2016.

The Belgian Air Force Days were held on 25 and 26 June 2016. This year, the airshow marked the 70th anniversary of the Belgian Air Force. About 45,000 people attended the airshow. 

At the event, Saab also showcased Gripen E.“This is a great opportunity for us to showcase our Gripen E. I believe this will be the best option for Belgium in the future, providing return for society in the form of jobs and business partnerships as well as being a smart fighter for the Belgian Air Force,” said Magnus-Lewis Olsson, Head of Market Area Europe, Middle East and Africa.

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