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The Smart Fighter

Quick Launch


Her job is to make sure that all the boxes in her checklist are ticked before a Gripen aircraft is ready for its next mission. In an interview with Forsvarsmakten, Elin Redmo, maintenance engineer at the 31st Aviation Services Company, talks about her love for Gripen and her daily work.

It was only a few years back when Elin worked as a soldier at the F17 Wing when she saw a Gripen fighter for the first time. “I found the fighter so cool and wanted to see how it worked,” she says.

So, after studying to become a flight technician for one and a half years, Elin has now started working at F 21, Luleå as a maintenance engineer. Next week, she will be at F 16 Uppsala on a rotation. 

“I like it a lot. The work is the same wherever you are but the change of environment gives new experiences,” she says.

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Image Courtesy: Forsvarsmakten​​

​Cope Tiger 2016, a trilateral air exercise conducted by Singapore, Thailand and the United States started last week. This is the 21st Cope Tiger Exercise and it has a participation of about 1,200 personnel from the RTAF, RSAF and USAF.

Cope Tiger 2016 aims at enhancing the defence relationships and interoperability between the participating air forces. The Exercise started on 7 March and ends this Friday.

Here are a few snapshots from the exercise:

cope tiger 2016_5.jpg
An RTAF Gripen takes off at the Korat Air Base during the Exercise
cope tiger 2016_1.jpg
Welcoming the F 15 pilots
cope tiger 2016_3.jpg
Commanders from the three air forces joining hands
cope tiger 2016_4.jpg
Royal Thai Air Force pilots posing for a picture​

Image Courtesy: RTAF and USAF

Czech Gripen21_n.jpg
The Czech Republic is negotiating with Hungary to form a joint international air squadron, reports Prague Monitor.

As per the report, a possible cooperation between the two countries would bring savings worth millions of crowns. The negotiations are for joint air policing over Iceland in October this year.

"It would be advantageous as well as logical for both countries. First, they could share costs and second, Hungarians would be able to train to fly in areas where they have not operated yet," says a strategist from the Defence Ministry.

If the two countries reach an agreement, they would together send four Gripen fighters and about 60 personnel to Iceland.

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gripen annual seminar 2016.jpg
If you have been waiting for the latest update on the status of the Gripen programme, we have good news for you. The annual Gripen seminar will be held in Stockholm, Sweden, on 17 March 2016. Saab is pleased to invite media, financial analysts and investors to the seminar. 

Ulf Nilsson, head of Saab business area Aeronautics and Richard Smith, head of Gripen marketing and sales will be the main speakers. You can also join live streamed Gripen seminar on

To register or to know more about the seminar, please click here.

Gripen i CH LowRes 6365 Liander.jpg
Saab has selected Aras PLM and Minerva as Implementation Partner which means it will support handling of product data related to Gripen fighter.

Aras Corp is an American company that offers Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software for global businesses with complex products and processes. Minerva on the other hand, specializes in the development and implementation of Enterprise solutions in both PLM and ERP.

“Aras will complement our current PLM-landscape here at Business Area Aeronautics,” said Henrik Pettersson, Head of Product Data Support at Saab. “It will be used alongside other applications to support us in handling our product data in a correct and efficient way.”

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Swedish Gripen23.jpg
The Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV) has awarded a performance based logistics (PBL) contract to GKN Aerospace Sweden AB​ to provide support services for the Swedish Gripen's RM12 engine.

GKN is a British multinational company that provides components and assemblies for aerostructures, engine products, landing gear, wiring systems etc. A follow on from an initial five year agreement, the PBL contract will have GKN Aerospace ensuring engine availability for not just the Swedish Air Force, but also for the Gripen C/D export customers like Hungary and Thailand.

"We are totally committed to ensuring RM12 engine availability and its secure and safe performance in all operations,” says GKN Aerospace Engine Systems CEO Mike McCann.

"At the same time we closely monitor every aspect of product life cycle cost effectiveness."

As per the contract, GKN Aerospace will also provide technical product support, maintenance, repair and overhaul, repair development and spare parts supply.

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Saab has awarded a subcontract to German automotive parts supplier Rheinmetall to provide automatic cannons for the Swedish and Brazilian Gripen NGs.

Rheinmetall's Mauser BK-27 automatic revolver cannon will feature a newly developed linkless ammunition feeding system. A highly effective weapon for close air combat and against ground and unprotected naval targets, Mauser BK 27 was first developed in the late 1960s for an MRCA (Multi Role Combat Aircraft) program.

Rheinmetall will also provide service support and spare parts along with associated ammunition for the weapon system.

As per the contract, the automatic cannons will be delivered during 2017 and 2025.

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GRIPEN10years_69.jpgDuring the air display which concluded the ceremony, the Hungarian Gripen fighters formed the number ten in the sky above Kecskemét airbase.
GRIPEN10years_73.jpgTaxing to the runway.
GRIPEN10years_79.jpgThe flight line with ready to go Gripen fighters.
GRIPEN10years_web_03.jpgThis isthe Gripen model that was handed over to the base commander.
GRIPEN10years_web_12.jpgThe audience listens to the presentation on the first ten years with Gripen in the Hungarian Air Force.
GRIPEN10years_49.jpgThe ceremony included a hand-over to the Hungarian Air Force by the Swedish Air Force support group. 

This year marks ten years of Gripen in the Hungarian Air Force. To celebrate this milestone, a ‘Gripen decade’ ceremony was held last week at Szentgyörgyi Dezső Airbase in Kecskemét. Representatives of the Hungarian Government, the Hungarian and Swedish Armed Forces and Saab were present at the ceremony.

In 2001, the Swedish and Hungarian governments entered into a lease-purchase agreement, with a further modification in 2003, which included 14 Gripen C/D (12 single-seat plus two twin-seat) aircraft. All Gripen fighters were delivered in 2006 and 2007 and, by the end of 2008, the 14 aircraft were in operational service with the Hungarian Air Force. In January 2012, the leasing agreement with Sweden was extended until 2026. 

With Gripen, the Hungarian Air Force has established itself as a modern and effective NATO Air Force. Last year, the Hungarian Air Force had sent four Gripen fighters and about 80 personnel to guard the Baltic States of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. The four months long Baltic Air Policing mission was completed successfully ...

​In a few months, the first Gripen NG will be unveiled in Sweden. Here are some pictures from the final assembly of the smart fighter.


czech gripen22.jpg
In October this year, Czech Gripen fighters will play a leading role in the airspace protection of Iceland once again, reports

According to the report, the first certification flights will be conducted in September. Like last year, five Czech Air Force Gripen and up to 70 service personnel will be sent. The task of the Czech contingent will be to provide airborne surveillance and interception capabilities to meet Iceland’s peacetime preparedness needs.

Iceland first requested NATO for air policing support in 2006 after which, starting 2008, various allied nations have sent their fighters for Icelandic Air Policing. On an average, 3-4 deployments (for a duration of 3-4 weeks) are made every year.

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