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fab1.jpgfab2.jpgTime to celebrate and congratulate the two FAB pilots! Captains Ramon Lincoln Santos Fórneas and Gustavo de Oliveira Pascotto, who swapped Rio de Janeiro and Anápolis respectively for F7 in Såtenäs in November last year, flew their first solo flight in January, reports​.

The two Brazilian pilots have flown Gripen before as well but only in the company of Swedish Air Force flight instructors. Their first training sortie in the rear seat of a Gripen happened on 19 November last year.

The two Brazilian pilots will complete their six months long training in April this year. By the end of April, they will have learnt everything about Gripen and will return to Brazil as newly qualified Gripen instructors.

Read more about the two FAB pilots here​.

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Hunngary3.jpgThis year, Hungarian Air Force (HuAF) Gripen pilots were, for the first time, trained for air-to-air refueling (AAR), reports

As per the blog post, HuAF Gripen will patrol the Baltic sky in the second half of 2015 and the first half of 2016. The participating Air Force pilots must be prepared for an AAR while providing air policing duties in 2016. In order to be equipped with the AAR knowledge by that time, the pilots need to be trained this summer.

The details of the training are not available yet, but a Flyvapen C-130 tanker may be used. Last month, Hungarian Air Force Gripen practiced familiarization flights in Estonia in order to get ready for the Baltic mission.

The blogpost adds that though this AAR knowledge is not a must for the Baltic Air Policing in the last 4 month of 2015, but it would provide a lot of flexibility to the service providers.

Read the full story: Idén először tankolnak a levegőben a pumafejes magyar Gripenek​

SeaGripen_032_landb copy (1).jpgSaab's naval version of Gripen E for the Brazilian Navy might be a step closer now, reports Airheads Fly​.

According to the report, the Aviação Naval Brasileira (AvN) may opt to initiate dialogues regarding the development of the naval version of Gripen E, also known as Sea Gripen.

The Sea Gripen is intended for both CATOBAR as well as STOBAR operations. All the sensors, avionics and weapons and the GE 414G of the Gripen NG will be offered in the Sea Gripen. The small logistic footprint, high availability and a smaller, lighter airframe results in significant gains from a maintainability point of view. The Gripen spares inventory is therefore lighter, smaller and adds less to the load of the carrier and it takes fewer personnel to maintain the aircraft.

The Sea Gripen will also have superior sensor fusion abilities, the Selex Raven AESA radar, Infra-Red Search and Track, plus a revolutionary avionics architecture including ultra-fast databuses and Ethernet.  The system can be easily integrated with advanced weapon systems

Read the full story here.​​

Frans Dely.jpgA Gripen aircraft, modified and loaded with latest software, landed at FMV's test site in Linköping in March this year, reports

According to the report, new weapons and radar functions are some of the many new features that are being tested with the Gripen C/D system at the test site.

“We are now entering into the final phase of finishing the so-called material system controls. The goal is to deliver this major update of the Gripen system to the Armed Forces as soon as possible, says Robert Noven, test engineer at FMV T & E.

Robert is responsible for testing and evaluation of various components of the MS20 upgrade. He is preparing for air exercises to verify and validate the system before the update is delivered to the Swedish Air Force troops.

According to the FMV report, the new upgrades include new Meteor missile, new weapons, new radar system, GCA (Ground Collision Avoidance System) and enhanced collaboration features like Link 16.

Read the full story: FMV provar ny mjukvara till JAS39

​SwAF pilots conducted a Gripen flypast to mark the occasion of the National Day in Sweden last month.

National Day is observed in Sweden on 6 June every year. It is celebrated in honour of two historical events. King Gustav Vasa was elected on this day in 1523 and later in the year 1809, Sweden adopted a new constitution on the same day.

Here are some images of the Gripen flypast on the National Day 2015:

Image Courtesy: Norrbottens Flygflottilj F 21​​

Saab has received an order for spare parts for Gripen E from the Swedish Defence Material Administration (FMV). The order is part of the Gripen E framework agreement which was signed between Saab and FMV in February 2013. The order value amounts to approximately SEK250 million and the order was booked as order intake in the second quarter of 2015.

The order comprises spare parts, such as components and devices, for Gripen E. Delivery is expected to take place in conjunction with initial aircraft delivery.

Read the full story here.

Around 50,000 spectators visited F7 in Såtenäs on a perfect summer day to watch the air and static displays at the Air Show 2015.

Saab was well represented at the event with a full scale replica of the new generation Gripen at its stand. Visitors at the event got to sit in the cockpit, get a hang of the new generation technology and ask questions to the Saab personnel at the stand.

The event marked the 75th anniversary of the F7 and fifty years of transport aircraft TP 84, "Hercules". 

Swedish Air Force Gripen (along with Hercules and helicopters) were also scheduled for aerial displays which included Tactical demo (Airdrop Paratroopers, Rapid Unloading, Air Combat Manoeuvring 1-1, Close Air Support, Casualty Evacuation and aerial refueling.

Image Courtesy: Skaraborgs flygflottilj F 7​


Gripen is a highly advanced multirole fighter, optimised to deliver the greatest operational and combat effect in any given situation; because the quick and the agile will always outsmart the big and the slow.

Click here to download the calendar.

Photo: Gunnar Åkerberg

Next month, five Czech Gripen will be heading to Iceland for the airspace protection of the country. 70 Czech personnel will also be a part of this mission.

This is the second time that the Czech Air Force Gripen have been scheduled to provide air surveillance to Iceland. Last year during September and December, five Gripen were sent to Iceland, out of which four patrolled the country’s airspace while the fifth was kept on reserve.

Air surveillance requires diligent long-term planning by participating personnel at the Caslav Air Base. Participants may be required to conduct air defence flying training missions and provide the necessary degree of training of NATO and Icelandic support personnel, besides fulfilling their air surveillance duties.

Czech Gripen have provided air surveillance to the three Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania before. Like these Baltic States, Iceland too does not have its own Air Force and various NATO nations take turns to provide airspace protection. 

Read the full story: České gripeny míří opět na Island

Image Courtesy: Czech Air Force

hungarian gripen11.jpg
On 11 and 12 July, Hungarian Air Force Gripen fighters will be in Croatia to participate in the Croatian International Airshow 2015.

The Airshow will celebrate the 85th anniversary of the establishment of the Croatian aeroclub (Our Wings). Although the airshow starts at 1pm on both days, the visitors will have many on ground activities to participate in and many aircraft on static display to look at.

Participating aircraft include MiG-21 UMD, acrobatic airplane Extra EA-300, Pilatus PC9, Soko G-2 Galeb of the Slovenian air force and latest police helicopters like Eurocopter EC-135P-2+.

The Airshow will be held in the northern Croatian city of Varazdin. Entry is free for children. Know more about the Croatian Airshow here.

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