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Gripen NG2.jpg

Saab is pleased to invite media, financial analysts and investors to the yearly Gripen seminar in Stockholm, 12 March 2015. During the seminar, Saab will give an update on the current status of the Gripen programme.

Sweden has ordered 60 Gripen E and a contract with Brazil on 36 Gripen NG was signed in October 2014. The interest for both Gripen E and Gripen C/D is increasing around the world.

The yearly Gripen seminar gives an update on the status of the programme.

Ulf Nilsson, head of Saab business area Aeronautics and Jerker Ahlqvist, head of business unit Gripen will be the participants. 

The seminar is scheduled between 8.30 and 9.30 CET on 12 March 2015.

gripen ng15.jpg
Saab has selected AEL Sistemas (AEL) as a new supplier for the Gripen NG in Brazil. AEL will provide the wide area display (WAD) and the head-up display (HUD), which will be integrated in the Gripen NG for Brazil as part of the F-X2 contract. The WAD and HUD development programme commenced in January 2015. Saab and AEL have also signed a contract for transfer of technology.

The new avionics systems programme will run over four years and includes development, integration and production work to be performed in Porto Alegre. System integration work will be undertaken by Saab and Embraer.

The WAD for Brazil’s Gripen NG aircraft is a single intelligent and full-redundant multi-purpose display system, full-colour, large-screen (19 x 8 in) with continuous image presentation and the state-of-the-art touch-screen controls capability. It is the primary source of all flight and mission information in the cockpit.

AEL will also develop a new HUD for Brazil’s Gripen NG aircraft. The HUD provides essential flight and mission information to the pilot when looking ‘heads up’ out of the cockpit.​

Read the full story here.

Two members from the Brazilian ski team dropped by the Saab pavilion to see Gripen

Ex Saab engineer Åke, who worked on the Gripen design and development back in the 1980's, at the Gripen pavilion

​Cross-country skiing icon, Janne Stefansson, came by at the Saab Gripen pavilion 

Two Swedish Air Force Gripen fighters will perform a flyover at the ongoing Nordic World Ski Championships in Falun today. There is also a full scale replica of Gripen on display at the Saab pavilion at the event. 

The flyover will take about 5 minutes and a Gripen pilot on the ground will act as a speaker telling the audience visiting the Nordic World Ski Championship in Falun what they will see and also give some information about Gripen. The Gripen pilot will also be present at the Gripen pavilion to answer questions from the public.

The flyover is planned to take place at 1300 hours. 

Hungarian Gripen in the air. Photo Victor Veres.jpg
As the Hungarian Gripen program celebrated its 10th anniversary last week, MoD’s defence news portal and monthly magazine refreshed the key milestones of the program.

Hungary decided on a lease contract for 14 Gripen aircraft in 2001. The contract was later amended in 2013 to include additional functionality of the aircraft and a purchase.

The first Hungarian Gripen left Linköping on 16 February 2005, while the first five Hungarian Gripen pilots travelled to Sweden on 7 January 2005 to participate in a three weeks long training at the Såtenäs Air Base and Halmstadt.

Hungarian Gripen fighters first participated in an international training in October 2006. The pilots of the Puma squadron have participated in the NATO Tiger Meet several times and in 2014 they were selected as members of the alliance based on their performance. 

The Hungarian Gripen fighters currently provide air policing services over the Slovenian air space. The training for the air-to-air refueling was about to start this summer. The team will take over the air policing services of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia in September 2015. video throws light on some of the points that will be included in the upcoming bi-lateral cooperation​

In future, there will be an increased degree of interoperability between the Swedish and Finnish air forces, reports

As per the final reports on the deepened cooperation between Finland and Sweden, the concrete proposals include joint operations, joint use of air bases and joint combat command capability. 

The advantages of the cooperation between the air forces include improved operational capabilities aiming to increase security in a regional context, flexible use of resources and increased cost-efficiency.

Read the full story: Final reports on deepened defence cooperation between Finland and Sweden​

Video Courtesy:TV4Nyheterna​

Czech Gripen7.jpg
Czech Republic tools up its 14 Gripen fighters by buying four Litening III targeting pods, reports

Previously, the Czech Gripen fighters were almost exclusively used in the air-to-air role; the aircraft were on 24/7 quick reaction alert to intercept unknown aircraft. The new Litening III pods will be bought for air to ground tasks. Along with Gripen, the pods will be integrated to Czech Air Force’s Aero Vodochody L-159 ALCAs as well.

According to the report, the Swedish Air Force has been using the Litening III pod on their Gripen fighters for years. Litening III pods significantly increase the combat effectiveness of the aircraft during day, night and under-the-weather conditions in the attack of ground and air targets with a variety of standoff weapons.

Litening can be mounted externally on an aircraft. It provides good quality target imagery and is equipped with a laser designator for precise delivery of laser-guided munitions.

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Frans Dely.jpg
Ever fancied being in a fighter aircraft, flying faster than the speed of sound? If you are 18 and above and living in Sweden, here is your chance to win a flight in Gripen!

All you need to do is to answer a set of five questions revolving around Saab solutions and write on what security means to you, what makes you feel safe, and you get a chance to win a Gripen flight!

Participate in the quiz here.

Gripen_night training.jpg
Gripen at Norrbotten Wing (F21) conducted night operations last week as a part of a training process that started in October 2014.

In Sweden, a large part of the day is dark during the winter months and hence the night trainings are actually conducted during daylight hours these days.

Image Courtesy: Norrbottens Flygflottilj F 21​ catches up with the two Brazilian pilots, Captain Gustavo de Oliveira Pascotto and Captain Ramon Santos Forneas, who are in Sweden for their Gripen conversion training. The FAB pilots talk about their experience with the weather in Sweden, which is very different from Brazil’s.

The Brazilian pilots had to undergo water survival training for emergency ejection over water. The water survival course becomes difficult in Sweden as the trainees have to practise in freezing cold water.

“Back home, the water is seldom this cold,” says Fórneas, adding that he sees it as an experience.

According to the report, when Gustavo completed his first flight in Gripen, there was sleet in the air and Lake Vänern was freezing cold.

“Although the weather conditions are very different in the two countries, I do not think we need to adapt the Gripen for Brazil. We have talked to pilots from Thailand who are accustomed to flying in hot and humid climate. They have not had any problems with the Gripen,” says Gustavo.

Read the full story: Brasilianska piloter flyger JAS i Sverige

Over the next two months, Swedish Air Force Gripen pilots will participate in a joint American exercise over the Baltic Sea, reports

According to the report, the war in Ukraine and the increased Russian activity in the Baltic Sea region affect both the Swedish Air Force and the Swedish Navy.

Though the Swedish Air Force has been a part of a Baltic Regional Training Event earlier with participants from several NATO countries, this exercise is a direct American initiative.

“The difference is that it is their initiative. It is a natural development. We are a partner they can trust,” says Swedish Air Force Chief Micael Bydén.

The exercise will involve between 6 to 12 planes that include the US’s F-16 and Finland’s F-18 fighters along with the Swedish Gripen.

“Three different types of combat aircraft engaged in offensive and defensive combat manoeuvres make the exercise advanced,” says Micael Bydén.

Read the full story: Gripen deltar i USA-övning

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