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Czech Gripen11.jpg
Czech Ministry of Defence, along with partners from several other countries, has signed a NATO summit agreement according to which it would buy 200 affordable air-to-ground missiles for its fleet of Gripen fighters, reports

"It is a typical example of the so called smart defense, which NATO promotes," said Czech Defence Minister Martin Stropnický, after signing the agreement.

The Czech air force’s fleet of Gripen fighters, based at Caslav air base, has 12 single seat Cs and two D-version trainers. This year, the Czech government decided to lease 14 Gripen C/Ds till 2027 with an option for another two years, the report says.

The NATO summit agreement has been signed together with partners from Denmark, Norway, Spain, Portugal and Greece.

Read the full story:Česko chce levně koupit téměř 200 raket vzduch-země. Na summitu NATO podepsalo dohodu

The Swiss Air Force celebrated its 100th anniversary in Payerne last week. A Swedish contingent of 25 personnel and 3 Gripen were a part of the celebrations, reports Forsvarsmakten.

Amongst the three Swedish Air Force Gripen, one was for static display and the other two performed at the event. The airshow was organized on two weekends with training days during the week which also attracted crowds. According to Swedish display pilot Stefan Kaarle, who was a part of the contingent, training exercises during the week were a prerequisite for flying at the celebration displays on the weekends.

Stefan, who has been a demonstration pilot in different types of aircraft since 1999, says that AIR 14 is one of the best planned performances he has ever attended.

Pilots from all over the world flew 184 displays with a grand total of 50 hours during Air14 Payerne.

Read the full story here: Svenska flygvapnet på flyguppvisning i Schweiz

South African Air Force Gripen will participate with a flying display at the Africa Aerospace and Defence 2014, an exhibition of air, land and sea technologies next week.

The airshow, which is to be held at AFB Waterkloof, Centurion in the City of Tshwane, South Africa, would have air demonstrations, mobility track demonstrations, parachute drops and aerobatic and static displays of fighter aircraft from various countries.

A Youth Development Programme (YDP) forms an integral component of the AAD show, as a part of which, children and youth will get to interact with people in the aviation sector and participate in other YDP activities at AAD 2014. The programme aims to create awareness about careers in the defence and aviation sectors. 

The airshow would be open to trade visitors between 17 and 19 September and to general public on 20 and 21 September. 

Know more about the event here.

​RTAF Wing Commander Chareon “Tonic” Watanasrimongkol, who has the experience of participating in Pitch Black exercise for a long time now, talks about his experiences and the objective of the exercise. 

Exercise Pitch Black 2014, the Royal Australian Air Force’s (RAAF’s) largest and most complex air exercise, was held in the Northern Territory from 1-22 August 2014.​

gripen ng 19.jpg
In an important step to strengthen cooperation between the two countries, Defence Ministry of Brazil and Sweden have signed a technical Memorandum of Understanding on partnership in the field of military aeronautics, reports Defesanet.

The MoU has been designed to build enhanced cooperation on access and use of fields and test facilities, support in the Gripen aircraft user group, training and expertise of pilots and technicians and assistance for certification and quality assurance.

The agreement was signed by the Chief of Joint Staff of the Armed Forces (EMCFA), General Jose Carlos De Nardi, and Deputy Minister of Defence of Sweden, Carl von der Esch.

“This is a big step in the cooperation between our countries. The agreement was eagerly awaited by Brazilians, especially Brazilians in the Air Force," said General Nardi.


Czech Gripen 10.jpg
The Czech Republic, Slovakia and Sweden have signed a letter of intent agreeing to co-operate on using the Saab Gripen fighter, reports Flightglobal.

“Today's signing will lay the foundation for bilateral co-operation around a common airspace surveillance of Slovakia and the Czech Republic,” a translation of a statement from the Swedish defence ministry on 30 August said.

According to the report, signing of the letter of intent by Slovakia paves the way for a potential Slovakian acquisition of the Gripen fighter aircraft.

Slovakia is looking forward to replace its aging fleet of ten Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-29AS (single-seat) and two MiG-29UBS (two-seat) fighter aircraft in the next few years and it is believed it may look to lease the Gripen, like its regional counterparts Hungary and the Czech Republic.

An earlier news report in IHS Jane’s​ quoted Slovak National Armament Office Director Róbert Tibenský saying that Slovakia will seek to emulate the neighboring Czech Republic and Hungary and lease a new type of combat aircraft to prevent a gap in its supersonic fighter capability.

Since January 2014, Slovakia is in discussions with the Swedish Government regarding leasing Gripen C/D. However, as per the report,  there will be an open competition and therefore nothing is final yet.

Read the full story: Slovakia creeps closer to Gripen agreement

It took several months of preparation to conduct this one and a half hour photographic mission successfully. The video shows Czech Air Force aircraft Gripen, L-159 Alca and L-39 Albatros in an air to air formation for the mission.

gripen c1.jpg
On 4 September 2014, Gripen 39210 became the first 39-C version to complete 2000 flight hours. The aircraft belongs to the Swedish Air Force wing F17. This September, F17 also celebrates its tenth anniversary of flying Gripen C/D.

Read more here​.

Image Courtesy: Blekinge Flygflottilj

A delegation from the Ministry of Defence of Sweden visited the aircraft carrier São Paulo in Brazil as a part of a recent trip, reports Defesanet.

The delegation was in Brazil to meet members of the Ministry of Defense to discuss comprehensive cooperation between the two countries in the area of defense.

The group, led by Commander, Captain-de-Mar-e-Guerra Rabello Alexandre de Faria, took a tour of the ship following which it attended a seminar with the theme ‘The Brazilian Naval Aviation – Current Situation and future prospects’.

As per the report, it was also discussed in the meeting that if Saab develops a naval version of the Gripen aircraft, it would be providing a good option for Brazil which is looking to replace its AF-1 aircraft.

Read the full story:  SEA GRIPEN - SUECOS VISITAM O A-12 SÃO PAULO

Image Courtesy:Brazil Navy

Frans Dely.jpg
Gripen is the first combat fighter aircraft system in the world to be integrated with an operational Meteor capability. This year, Saab conducted the last major trials task required to clear the new missile for operational service on the Gripen C/D multi-role fighter. Full Meteor capability will be delivered as part of Gripen’s latest MS20 (Materiel System 20) combat systems update for the Swedish Air Force.

A report in outlines the features of what it calls the best air to air missile in the world.

The missile’s ramjet propulsion system gives Meteor its high-speed performance and the energy to defeat fast, moving targets at long range.

The ramjet powerplant means that the Meteor is an air-breathing air-to-air munition—the first to enter service. Thanks to its efficient ramjet motor, the Meteor is a true very-long-range missile, a class that, since the retirement of the Phoenix-and-F-14 combination, is entirely absent from the U.S. military, the report says.

It is not just the reach of the missile which is critical. End game performance - the ability of a missile to muster up enough energy at the end of its flightpath to battle a maneuvering target that is doing all it can to shake off the homing missile is equally important.

According to the manufacturer, in a head-on engagement the Meteor provides a no-escape zone (the area in which an enemy aircraft will not be able to use pure agility to evade a missile) three times greater than that of a convention

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