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The Smart Fighter

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Denel is all set to go ahead with the pre-qualification flight testing of its most prestigious product, A-Darter air-to-air missile on the Saab Gripen NG, in anticipation of orders from the Brazilian Air Force, reports Flightglobal.

It took 20 years of development before Denel fully cleared the flight envelope of the infrared-guided, short-range missile on Gripen.

According to another report in Defence Web, production of A-Darter is expected to begin next year and the first missiles should be in service by 2016.

The report quoted Deon Olivier, Business Development Executive at Denel Dynamics saying that Brazil will initially buy a hundred missiles for its Gripens as part of an initial production run of around 250 missiles.

A-Darter, also known as V3E Agile Darter, is a fifth-generation short range, air-to-air missile (SRAAM) that offers countermeasures resistance with a 180-degree look angle and 120-degrees per second track rate. 

The first successful A-darter missile firings with SAAF Gripen were carried out in 2010.

Flightglobal notes that Brazil has not yet announced plans to operate the A-Darter on the Gripen NG, but Denel is moving forward on integration testing using a loaded Swedish air force aircraft.

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Saab and Embraer officials visited Brazilian Navy Carrier São Paulo (A-12) to exchange ideas and discuss technical details and necessary modifications to adapt Gripen for a naval role, reports Defesanet.

The officials were received by Brazilian Navy Aeronautical Director, Rear-Admiral Carlos Frederico Carneiro Primo on 5 September.

The technical details collected during the visit will be analyzed and applied to Gripen so that Saab, in near future, can offer its findings and conclusions to the Brazilian Navy confirming if a naval version of the aircraft can operate safely at São Paulo.

A Saab delegation had visited São Paulo last month as well to take a tour of the ship and attend a seminar with the theme ‘The Brazilian Naval Aviation – Current Situation and future prospects’.

According to Rear-Admiral Carlos Frederico Carneiro Primo, the development of Sea Gripen will be an important project. 

“The development of a naval version of Gripen would be the landmark in the process of Technology Transfer, confirming the skills of National Defense Industry,” he says.


Image Courtesy: DAerM​

​The video shows Czech Air Force Gripen's slow flypast and landing at the recently concluded Slovak International Air Fest.

The Czech Republic Air Force was represented by Gripen along with the subsonic combat aircraft Aero L-159 ALCA and the combat chopper Mi-24 at the SAIF 2014.

South africa gripen 4.jpg
Just a day before the official opening of AAD 2014, South African Air Force (SAAF) impressed foreign military dignitaries with its spectacular display of firepower and synchronized maneuvering at a biannual Capability Display event, reports Defence We​b.

The demonstration event was held during evening in order to demonstrate the Air Force’s ability to operate at any time of the day or night.

The event showcased various simulated exercises like a Hawk fitted with a Vinten reconnaissance pod and escorted by a Gripen, obtaining tactical information over the battlefield. A low-level supply drop by a C-130 Hercules was followed by two Gripen and a Hawk performing a 2v1 dogfight.

At the end of the demonstration, participants performed a flypast with flares being fired from the Hercules, Gripen and Oryx.

Senior foreign military dignitaries commented that they were impressed with the coordination, command & control and professionalism of the SAAF, says the report.

According to SAAF Chief Lt. Gen. Fabian Msimang, the Air Capability Demonstration provided the various international air force chiefs visiting AAD with an “intimate gathering” at which to showcase the flexible military capabilities of the SAAF. 

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​It all started in 1965 when Sweden invited some British journalists to visit its Air Force and the Saab facilities. The journalists found the visit to be very fruitful and informative and they suggested that the Swedish Air Force should have its own fan club of international and Swedish journalists who would annually receive information about developments in the Air Force and the aerospace industry.

The Air Force and press officers liked the idea and starting 1966, a meeting of journalists is held every year either in London or at Le Bourget, near the northeastern suburbs of Paris.

This year, in July, about 150 journalists from all over the world gathered in London to attend this Swedish Air Force Fan Club Annual Meet, reports

Brigadier General Albert Safar, Head of the Hungarian Air Force, addressing the journalists

Swedish Air Force chief Micael Bydén was the host of the Fan Club Meeting

Hungarian Air Force Chief, Brigadier General Albert Safar, Mats Gyllander, Chairman SAFF and Micael Bydén, Swedish Air Force Chief

Swedishairforcefanclub4.jpgSwedish Armed Forces Communications Director Erik Lagersten talks to a few foreign journalists​

Guest speaker at the meeting, Brigadier General Albert Safar, head of the Hungarian Air Force, gave the journalists an overview of Hungary's experiences in establishing the Gripen aircraft in its air defenses. 

Swedish Air Force chief, Major General Micael Bydén gave an introduction of the MS 20 upgrade of Gripen C/D aircraft followed by the latest updates on it. Bydén also talked about Gripen E and the Swedish Air ...

Swedish Air Force has deployed two Gripen fighter aircraft in Gotland because of the increased training exercises in the Baltic Sea, reports Sverigesradio.

Last month, the Swedish Armed Forces said that it had increased intelligence gathering and had called in extra staff to its headquarters over the crisis in Ukraine.

According to Swedish Armed Forces spokesperson Philip Simon, the two Swedish fighter jets are part of a so-called incident rotation. Stationed in Gotland, they would be in a better position to react quickly to the situation in the Baltic.

Read the full story:Höjd beredskap med två Jas Gripen på Gotland

Image Courtesy: Swedish Armed Forces

With over 45,000 spectators, CIAF airshow was a huge success this year, reports​. According to CIAF spokesman Tomáš Bran, Czech Air Force Gripen and L-159’s performance grabbed the most limelight at the event.

Nine European countries participated in CIAF 2014 which is less as compared to the previous years. Despite that, the excitement at the Hradec Králové airport was exceptional.

The 2 day airshow started with a flight formation by Czech Air Force Gripen with C-295 and L-159 ALCA on Saturday at 11 am. Display pilot Martin Spacek later performed a solo display with Gripen as well.

Czech Air Force had 18 aircraft and almost seven dozen pieces of ground equipment on display. The visitors at the event enjoyed six hours of aerial displays on both days which consisted of 29 aerobatic flight demonstrations. 

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Image Courtesy: CIAF​

Czech Gripen11.jpg
Czech Ministry of Defence, along with partners from several other countries, has signed a NATO summit agreement according to which it would buy 200 affordable air-to-ground missiles for its fleet of Gripen fighters, reports

"It is a typical example of the so called smart defense, which NATO promotes," said Czech Defence Minister Martin Stropnický, after signing the agreement.

The Czech air force’s fleet of Gripen fighters, based at Caslav air base, has 12 single seat Cs and two D-version trainers. This year, the Czech government decided to lease 14 Gripen C/Ds till 2027 with an option for another two years, the report says.

The NATO summit agreement has been signed together with partners from Denmark, Norway, Spain, Portugal and Greece.

Read the full story:Česko chce levně koupit téměř 200 raket vzduch-země. Na summitu NATO podepsalo dohodu

The Swiss Air Force celebrated its 100th anniversary in Payerne last week. A Swedish contingent of 25 personnel and 3 Gripen were a part of the celebrations, reports Forsvarsmakten.

Amongst the three Swedish Air Force Gripen, one was for static display and the other two performed at the event. The airshow was organized on two weekends with training days during the week which also attracted crowds. According to Swedish display pilot Stefan Kaarle, who was a part of the contingent, training exercises during the week were a prerequisite for flying at the celebration displays on the weekends.

Stefan, who has been a demonstration pilot in different types of aircraft since 1999, says that AIR 14 is one of the best planned performances he has ever attended.

Pilots from all over the world flew 184 displays with a grand total of 50 hours during Air14 Payerne.

Read the full story here: Svenska flygvapnet på flyguppvisning i Schweiz

South African Air Force Gripen will participate with a flying display at the Africa Aerospace and Defence 2014, an exhibition of air, land and sea technologies next week.

The airshow, which is to be held at AFB Waterkloof, Centurion in the City of Tshwane, South Africa, would have air demonstrations, mobility track demonstrations, parachute drops and aerobatic and static displays of fighter aircraft from various countries.

A Youth Development Programme (YDP) forms an integral component of the AAD show, as a part of which, children and youth will get to interact with people in the aviation sector and participate in other YDP activities at AAD 2014. The programme aims to create awareness about careers in the defence and aviation sectors. 

The airshow would be open to trade visitors between 17 and 19 September and to general public on 20 and 21 September. 

Know more about the event here.

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